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  1. That's what I was originally going to do to preserve the OEM look and it's metal tubing that I believe will last longer. The instructions clearly state not to use stainless tubing? I don't know why though. I like the metal lined in case anything hits them they are tougher than rubber. Not sure on the stainless, but it's tough to bend. I actually used a drill and enlarged the opening in the cap to create more volume. No issues so far with the return. My motor should be putting out at least 425 HP. The supply line is 3/8th inch if I remember correctly. John, I am contemplating upgrading to an in tank pump and using the existing vapor line as a return. Is there a check valve at the tank on the vapor line? I believe my vapor line is 5/16". Apologies to OP if this is a hijack in progress. Mine had no check valve but that vent line did have a very small orfice in the vent piece on top of the tank.
  2. When I did mine a little while back, I set the drag per the manual which was in inch pounds and was dependent on if using a new crush washer or shims or reusing what you had iirc. Then I checked the pattern. Want to say the drag was somewhere around 25? Inch pounds but don't have it in front of me.
  3. Very nice! I'm envious of your interior, it looks superb. Also like the white, which my car originally came with from the factory. I pulled my cougar out of a field a few months ago and the interior was and still is mostly shot. Upholstery for the cougars is more difficult to find and very $$$ and likely will be the last thing I tackle.
  4. I agree, the core is leaking is why it's bypassed and in general probably other things have been done the easy way out too. I wouldn't turn one down just because of the bypass but I would price accordingly.
  5. Congrats on the car, very nice.
  6. Now I've crossed the 10,000 number of cars I want to get but won't.... Looks like a very good project.
  7. Thanks Carolina and jbojo, appreciate the help. Yup I've seen WCCC's vid on this and the convert top and this one is detailed about the heater/ac box but not helping me with the dash hang up. I cant see what its hanging on even with a mirror, and couldn't feel anything back behind either so will just have to keep trying. I did get the aluminum core and the new end pads, against his advice. My old core isn't leaking but there is NO way on earth I'm ever going to do this job again so in a new one goes, and after 45 years old pads are out. I need that vacuum check valve he mentions in the vid but their site says out of stock. Anyone know of another place that has these ?
  8. I replaced the original lines in my car with metal tubing for the long runs from the tank to the engine and back, using fuel injection hose for the connections to the tank and engine from the lines. Installed pre and post fuel pump filters as well .
  9. Hello All, Good forum with helpful people and info, happy to have found it. I'm pulling the dash on my 71 Cougar, and have made up some new curse words. Its all loose but hung up on something close to the steering column, which is hanging loose, so took a break. Have to replace the evaporator because its leaking like a sieve. Going to replace the heater core and gaskets while Im in there, if I get in there haha. Feel free to chime in on what this could be hanging up on. Thanks
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