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  1. Thank you everyone for the congrats! I've gotten some good interest in the car, but haven't been able to part with her yet. My wife and I are continuing to talk about it. ;) I turned down an offer recently that put me in the proverbial dog house. Trying to keep it if I can. Thanks again guys.
  2. Found out I'm gonna be a DAD! New price $8,000
  3. Hey guys, I am selling my 1972 mustang convertible with a 302 4bbl carb, edelbrock intake, flamethrower ignition, c4 tranny. It is red with white top and white interior. I love the car, but have found another mustang that has been a dream of mine(71 Mach 1). Pictures are in my profile and I am happy to provide more plus video if you want. Serious buyers only please. I am asking only $10,000 obo. Message me here or call 813-748-1049.
  4. So I got a promotion at work and moving to Phoenix in Feb. any members over there?
  5. So I recently replaced the starter solenoid, changed the oil to full synthetic and I crank it up after about 1 month and it blows grey/blue smoke. It's also idle choppy up and down every couple of seconds. Never happened until now. Any ideas? False alarm. Lol after I drove it about 10 minutes the smoke went away and drove perfectly.
  6. I just got a new engine gauge feed to install in the 302, part #72-gift-8 cyl. Not sure where to begin. Do I have to take out my instrument panel or can I install it from the firewall side? Any pics would be great!
  7. Welcome from Brandon, FL! just right around the corner from ya!
  8. Thanks a lot! Since I changed it from a 2 barrel to a 4 barrel, I don't have the knockdown lever extender bracket. That should solve it.
  9. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I hope you can get her back on the road quickly!
  10. So I recently install a new bracket and spring that connects to the kickdown lever. However, when I manually pull the lever back to down shift, the spring doesn't pull it back forward. Any suggestions to make it tighter?
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that Don dropped off the 302 roller block that I've been wanting. It was awesome for him to bring it while he was traveling. Just a great example of the great comraderie on this forum.
  12. I just put in Autolite 25 per other member's recommendation in my 72 302.
  13. Just like the subject line reads, I'm looking for an 87-92 302 roller block as a base to rebuild in my 72. Amazingly enough I haven't been able to find any at junkyards here in Tampa or on Craigslist for a decent price.
  14. So I tried to turn the car over and it is only making a whine sound when key is turned. Noticed smoke coming from regulator and positive battery cable is really hot and started melting the plastic cover. I recently cleaned those wires and wonder If I put it together wrong. I had 4 wires hooked up to that side and one that may not belong actually runs all the way over to the drivers side with a wiring harness. The other three wires are positive battery cable, Ignition and coil. The side that goes to the starter is by its self and is NOT the one smoking. Almost had an electrical fire I think. Any suggestions?
  15. Just when I get everything hooked up ready to go the car turned over fine a couple times without firing then it won't even turn over. Brand new battery and negative terminal has been off the post the entire time. It makes a whine sound when ignition is engaged. And the positive battery cable is really hot from the regulator to the battery post. I have no idea why it's real hot and didn't even fire. Tried it again, smells like burning and a little smoke coming from voltage regulator. Disconnected everything pronto. I cleaned the contacts and wires that go to the regulator a couple weeks ago. I took pictures of where everything goes but did I connect them wrong? I don't need an electrical fire!
  16. So I just started to check the timing and it's pointing at the 20 btc now. Would this make me run hot and cause shifting problems? Which way do I turn it to bring it down to 6 btc like factory settings? I have an edelbrock performer intake and Holley 600 carb and that's it. Any advice is appreciated! Also, what size is the distributor hold down bolt? I'm going to get the distributor wrench and don't want to get wrong size.
  17. I never thought how our cars are transformed over the years. I will make mine unique to me!
  18. So I got a Marti report for my birthday today and found out that it is really different than the car parked in my garage! Marti report says it was pewter metallic with black interior, black convertible top and Sebring knit seats. As you can see in the pictures on my profile it is now red with white deluxe interior and white top!! Engine codes ans tranny match, but I find this kind of odd. I think I may like the original black and pewter color better. Has this happened to anyone else? Any logical conclusions other than a previous owner really wanting to change everything? I'll try to post the Marti report this weekend.
  19. How much for the cowl grill? I am actually missing the passenger one and looks like you have it!
  20. I'm taking everyone's advice. Using some light sandpaper then coating with the paint remover. It's taking a lot more elbow grease getting that paint off that I originally thought. It's slow but hopefully will be well worth it. Also, how did you guys know my wife has a cat? Lol
  21. Thanks for the advice. I just pulled both panels and they are a gray/black plastic. Apparently they were painted white at some point. Now when I use the brake fluid or that stripper you recommended(insert joke here) can I soak it or use a cloth to rub it repeatedly until the paint comes off? Good news...I found the seatbelts under the seat bottom. They look great like they have been in a time capsule!
  22. They are all chipped with a gray color underneath. I had no idea they were colored plastic. I'll look closer when I get home tonight.
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