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  1. Been looking for something different for my 72 with 14" sport hubcaps, wanted to go to a 15" , came across these tires and rims(mounted and balanced with tread) on Craigslist that were advertised as 15" and ended up being 14". The guy just wanted them gone so I got them for a song and put em on. Took it up to triple digits on the way to the gas station. Me Likey! :)
  2. Sorry, my 2 pics came up on your post.
  3. Looking for pictures of coupes+'verts with the chrome luggage rack on trunk lid. Looked thru the 2,000+pics in our Gallery and couldn't find one. Tried Google and only came across one white 'vert, couldn't really get a sense of it as it was white with chrome rack and only one picture from the side. Thanks for any input.
  4. Don't forget about us built in Mexico City.
  5. Hope this works, Motor City Resin Casters. Body's only! http://www.motorcityresincasters.com/72MustangGrandeBase.htm
  6. I hope these pics come through:) Tough time copying and pasteing.
  7. [attachment=39319] I hope these pics come through:)
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