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  1. Many experts......anyone with focus? Lots of info I'm aware of, in part from the painter. Again, looking for BRAND suggestions. For a modest restoral. This won't be a $20k+ car.
  2. Not offended, just got lost - TMD. I have a good painter, he can get Dupont but he (I) don't want to pay $600/gal. Aware of SummitRacing. Any other suggestions?
  3. 72 Mach being painted by local shop. Painter having difficulty to source paint for match 3J code / Bright Blue Poly at reasonable price. Any suggested alternatives to Dupont, and/or advice on where to buy? Shooting for balance between decent restoral vs. cost (I know, who isn't)? Car will go in the teens vs. $20-$30k range, if/when I'm done re-living my adolescent dream.
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