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  1. Spread bore Yeah you know when the secondaries open Timing can't remember.....msd 6al pro billet distributor. Tail pipe tips have some black soot. Definitely be not over carbureted Mods.....tons of them. Edelbrock intake,msd ignition,big cam, headers.
  2. I'm happy with my Barry grant speed demon 750 vs carb. 351 4v c6 3.55's
  3. Those floors look so much better than mine did! Wishing mine was a 4 gear too
  4. Hi I just got done doing some repairs to the floor section under the rear seat where the retractable half of the seatbelt is located. Like a dumb ass I forgot to take note the location. I need to drill the hole and weld in the mounting plate. Does anyone by chance have the measurements of the location for the retractable seatbelt?
  5. Thanks for the info Mike. Right now the engine is running and in the car. Right now it has a dual plane edelbrock intake a 750 vacuum secondary speed demon carb , the biggest crane power max cam that summit sold. I believe it's a 516 lift 292 duration....I don't remember I bought it over ten years ago. Also has the crane drop in rollers that replace the fulcrums. Rhodes anti pump up lifters.Headers, msd6al and pro billet distributor. B+M street strip c6 tranni with a tci converter. I need to get a different converter to match my cam. 2500-5500 rpm. I have 355's in rear but have 411's going in. I'd like to be around the 500 HP range. It's bored 30 over as well.
  6. I don't have any yet. I'll get some of mine tomorrow night. I'm away from my shop for a couple days
  7. Well I'm in the middle of repairing the subframes where they meet the rear torque box and I've made new hangers for where the leaf spring attaches to it.Just interested what other people have done in this area also.
  8. Nice! I did quarters, inner and outer rockers, and floors, built a 2x3 square stock rear frame, and did a a mini tub to my 74 formula. Ya your probably right about to much heat and material. Not a body guy but I do a decent job. My old man was an awesome body guy. He stared off with lead. He would shrink and stretch the metal to straighten it. I just could never pick it up like he did.
  9. I use the .030 wire for everything. And I use a good amount of heat and speed. I move fast and don't concentrate the heat in one area to minimize warping of the panel.
  10. Here's the seat pan installed. Did this tonight. Slight modification to make it fit.
  11. Thanks guys! I take pride in my work. Self taught. Just got home and my tinman subframe connectors came in. Sweet!
  12. This is what I did last weekend. Hopefully have time to do the other side this weekend coming up.
  13. Yeah I'm finding all sorts of rot and rust in strange places. I need to find the section that the front bumper support attaches to. (Not sure what it is called)Looked at it last night and it's rusty potato chips.....ugg hate rust.
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