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  1. I installed the Ram Air kit on my '72 2 barrel last year and I think it made a big difference. I like the way it looks(some don't like my paint job, but they can do what they want with their car). Either way, it is always a topic of discussion at the "Cruise-in". If all Mach1's looked the same, it would be a pretty dull world. I guess if you plan on "Concourse Quality" you have to follow a more strict restoration code. I (me and my wife), just want to have fun!
  2. can you remove the plastic gauge covers to clean the inside of them?
  3. anyone know where I can get the sockets for the center cluster and clock? they fit in a 5/8" hole and have 2 wires for the 194 bulb.
  4. I have had this great car for a little over a year. I have gone to electronic dist., rebuilt PS gear box, all new front end steering parts, and upgraded radio to nice looking blutooth ready radio. trying to redo dash/gauge lighting. having trouble finding new sockets for the clock and gauge panel lights(5/8" hole for 2-wire 194led sockets.
  5. I am having the same leak from the bell housing inspection plate. It only leaks after driving over 50-75 miles. I would think the only thing it could be is the front seal. After driving 3 Saturday nights for about 30-40 miles each, no leak! Looks like a good winter project (add it to the list). Thanks for all the good info.
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    Hope I can help and be helped. Looking for new friends.
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