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  1. I did the same thing as you. Started with the cheap Chinese HEI. I was able to get the timing right but snapped the shaft in 1/2 after about 1,500 miles. Then went with the DUI custom set up from performance distributors. I had no fitment issues at all and it works great. Timing curve is spot on. I did have an issue with the plug wires they sent me. Had the 90 boots on them which don’t work with a Cleveland running headers. They replaced them immediately via next day air. Odd yours is not fitting. What is the casting number on your block? Hi Jason. I don’t know the casting number but can get it later. That’s a good idea to see if my block is a one-off or DUI sent out a unit that skipped the final step at the lathe. I talked to them on Monday and the distributor is on its way back for a modification. My POS distributor housing was 1.493 inches and the DUI was 1.559 inches. The POS fit but at the end of the day, it is still a POS. I’m hoping for good things from the DUI unit. I wonder if anyone out there has a distributor and can measure the part of the housing that goes through the block deck. Either that or measure the distributor hole on a 351C.
  2. I rebuilt my 351C in my '72 fastback and went with a cheap Proform HEI from Summit Racing. The bad part was that I could never get more than 28 degrees of total timing no matter what I did with weights or springs. I ordered a DUI from Performance Distributors in Memphis and gave them all my specs so they could custom curve it for maximum performance. I tried to install it last weekend but the distributor housing that lives below the block deck is too big (diameter) and while it goes through the hole in the block, it hits some internal casting about 1.5 inches into the block and will not go any deeper. I have been emailing back and forth with Performance Distributors, sending them pictures and measurements, but I don't think I am any closer to getting this resolved. I'm getting that feeling like they are not going to stand behind their product. The housing is .066 larger than the Proform distributor and the last email from them was that their distributor is the right size for a 351C and the smaller Proform housing is the spec for a 302 engine. To fix it I believe I will either have to remove the intake and radius out that part of the block with a carbide bit and Dremel tool or somehow turn the housing down .066 in a lathe. At the risk of hijacking this forum, has anyone else had this issue? Any other ideas out there?
  3. Has anyone installed a late model center console into a 71-73 Mustang? I am having trouble finding a full length medium blue console with cup holders for my car. I know it is not for the purists sinc it isn’t OEM, but’s I prefer function over form. Before I saw the light, I had a ‘72 Nova and you could do a director swap of a Dodge Neon into the Nova and it fit perfectly. Has anyone heard of a similar swap for Mustangs?
  4. This is a similar situation but my ‘72 fastback seems to shift left when I accelerate on a straight line. It happens when I hit the gas aggressively but straightens out once i let off. It isn’t a feeling of “out of control”, more like the rear axle assembly shifts or is somehow loose. I have checked, rechecked, had a fellow gearhead check and everything is tight and as it should be. I’m running a moderately built 351C with a T-5 grafted in and 3.50 gears on a a posi rear end. Tires are 235/60-15 BFGoodrich radial T/A. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. I did the same thing with good results. I went with the cable clutch. The hurdles were getting the right clutch fork and I had to shorten the driveshaft. Everything else was pretty much bolt on. Good luck.
  6. The last person I talked to at Eckler's told me to send it back and to pay postage on the return. I have no problem returning the mirror, it just should be at their expense since they lied to me. The odd part to me is (just like you) I've had good experiences in the past with them. I ordered two quarter panel skins, two outer wheel wells, and two lower front fenders, all with no problem. With Eckler's help, I also rebuilt a '80 Jeep CJ5 and a '72 Nova with good results. Now that they clearly made a mistake, they apparently don't want to own up to it.
  7. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about dealing with Eckler's. I ordered two outside mirrors for my '72 fastback. After trying two other places without success, Mac's (Eckler's) had them both in stock. I confirmed twice with the person on the phone both were in stock and would be shipped. A few days later, I received one mirror and was notified the other was backordered with shipment date in late July. My car had a date with the paint booth in mid-July. I called to find out the mistake and was told I was out of luck. Further, Eckler's charged me the full amount of shipping even though only one mirror was sent. I asked them to cancel the backordered mirror, which they agreed but would only refund $8.00 of the $30.00 shipping costs. I also need to return the first mirror, which is fine with me, but it has to be at my expense. I believe I was misinformed by Eckler's and should be able to return the mirror at their expense. I was able to find both mirrors through another supplier and met my deadline; however, Eckler's lied to me when I placed the order and now doesn't want to make it right. I am disputing the charge on my Visa card. Lastly, I got an email from Eckler's asking me to post feedback on how my "experience" went. I posted an honest but unflattering feedback and then got a follow up email telling me the feedback was unsuitable for their website. What a crock! I didn't swear or make any exaggerated statements. Just told the truth. Needless to say, Eckler's is off my list of suppliers. Mustangs Unlimited is by far a superior supplier. Thanks for reading my rant.
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