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    I'm still on search for my first Mustang. It was a blue 1973 Mach1. VIN 3F05F260352.


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  1. Sounds like they want to tell you, that your shifter linkage is worn. Used but already within specs isn't cheap but available. I think it's more easy to exchange the linkage than searching for a different seal. This is just an example.
  2. That's what the impeller looked like: That's the part which fell off: and that's how the drive gear of the oil pump was treated: Cheers Frank
  3. I guess it's a problem with your torque converter. A friend of mine has had it with his C4 few weeks ago. A part of the impeller was lose and blocked the torque converter during the starting process. That made the starter break off its seat. Then he had the same knocking/chirping noise I hear on your video. Finally the converter was scrap and the transmission needed a complete overhaul. The blocking which caused the drop off of the starter may have caused the losening of the dowel pin. just my 2 ct. Frank
  4. Before strengthening the roll pin please keep in mind that this is designed to break if the oil pump gets stuck, to avoid further disaster to your engine when it runs out of lubrication. Just my 2 ct. Cheers Frank
  5. Have made the same experience few months ago. New reservoir from Mr Scott Drake does not fit the old pump neither a new one, ordered the same day from the same vendor. Additionally the top cover of the new reservoir isn't removable without damage, while the OEM one is. I now fixed the old pump and I'm happy, that the old reservoir is still intact. Cheers Frank
  6. Roy The parts supply for FMX transmission was bad for long but it is getting better every year. If you want to fix it by yourself, get in contract with Kenneth Collins. He runs a business called badshoe and sells also tutorials how to fix your FMX. www.badshoeproductions.com. I'm not a technician and I got it managed to fix mine by myself. Frank
  7. Rod I'm so sorry to read this. My condolences to you and your entire family. Frank
  8. Hi mates This news even found its way over the pond: https://www.thedrive.com/news/38517/theres-a-warehouse-full-of-2m-in-new-old-stock-classic-ford-parts-for-sale-on-ebay Enjoy. Cheers Frank
  9. Mine is a late 1972 H-Code real 63R Mach 1 with 4 drum brakes without brake booster. Cheers Frank
  10. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/search.html?categories=Cabrio&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=9000&makeModelVariant1.modelId=30&maxFirstRegistrationDate=1975-12-31&minFirstRegistrationDate=1970-01-01&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING between 11 and 30k€. What do you want to spend? but be aware, cheap is gone. Cheers Frank
  11. Hi Smith welcome from Germany. As already mentioned by Fabrice, there is far more knowledge here in this forum than most of the so called Pros have. Search for the car you want to have, maybe you stumble over it here in Europe, and even if it isn't perfect, you will find lots of support here. The only dumb question is the one not asked. Cheers Frank
  12. there's no problem to provide you the address of the artist with the camera.
  13. Hi Tim welcome back. It's nice to see the progress. I'm now wondering where I have seen this partial Ford dealership panel on your wall before? As the distance isn't really big, let me know if you are in need of a helping hand. Cheers Frank
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