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    I'm still on search for my first Mustang. It was a blue 1973 Mach1. VIN 3F05F260352.


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  1. Great pictures. I like it!
  2. To narrow down the possible error, your information is unfortunately not sufficient for me so far. The crystal ball remains cloudy. I assume the noise is in sync with your engine speeds, right? Since you still have good oil pressure, I'm ruling out a loose main bearing bracket or a loosened oil pick up. You won't get around removing the oil pan.
  3. Looks really disastrous. Sorry for the damage of your engine. Frank
  4. Looks like my first Mustang. Same color. Was a 73 too, but with the flat hood due to its F code engine.
  5. You live in a country where such treasures can still be found on the side of the road, in barns or in fields, and where you can buy them for a fair amount. That's what we dream of on the other side of the big pond. Here, you can't find Mustangs to stripe without paying a fortune for them. Frank
  6. Is there a list in the book that gives the dimensions of each spring, i.e. length, diameter, wire gauge and spring rate? If so, I would be pleased if you could also copy and display this list. Frank
  7. That's a really good source for everyone who's planning to service his FMX by himself. Thank you very much for sharing. Frank
  8. Factory tach needs feed via resistance wire. Unresisted 12V feed will damage it. Frank
  9. Yes, a Pertronix ignitor 1 runs with the resisted voltage but it runs better with full 12V. If you want to keep your standard coil and resistant wire you just need to install a relay for the switched 12V feed. Attention! Keep in mind that you can blow a Pertronix Ignitor 1 very fast when ignition is on but engine is not running. Frank
  10. Spike, I completely agree with you. The new cars are beautiful, they're fast, mostly reliable and get me to my destination and back home again without any major problems. But if I'm looking for emotions when driving, I'm looking for them in the wrong place. When I'm on the road in a classic car, it's always the driving that takes center stage. Maybe my back hurts when I arrive at my destination, maybe I have a hard time getting out of the car, but I still feel joy when I'm on the road in a classic Mustang. I am not cut off from the outside world by insulation, a special chassis or thick upholstery but feel every pebble on the road and every little bump. Even the driving noises reach my ears unfiltered. It is driving with all senses. To drive the Mustang over the back roads, it is important that the suspension and springs are well maintained and that the steering and brakes function without play. Then I prefer the classic Mustang to all new cars. I attribute a soul to my Mustang that the new cars undoubtedly lack. To answer the in-depth question: yes I would buy a Mustang again and yes it would again be one from 1971 to 1973. Frank
  11. Search for Kenneth Collins from badshoe productions. His tutorial videos about overhauling FMX transmissions saved me a lot of money. Cheers Frank
  12. I don't think so. Length of the drive shaft might be the same but you need a different version of the slip yoke. Output shaft C4 needs slip yoke with 28 splines. Output shaft FMX needs slip yoke with 31 splines. Cheers Frank
  13. Welcome from Germany Cheers Frank
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