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  1. Fabrice this might be the fastest way to find this kind of screws but mybe you have to cut them into proper length. https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Phillips-Machine-Bolt-Dropper/dp/B07C6BBRT9 Cheers Frank
  2. Which email account should I them send to? One which allows unlimited size of attachments would be appreciated. Each photo is between 16 and 20 MB
  3. Hi Chuck. It's located in the black forest close to Kniebis. Cheers Frank
  4. With a pronounced red-green colour blindness, both colors look the same. Cheers Frank
  5. and the prices, displayed on one of the pictures, are in Euros per liter. 1.079 €/Liter for Diesel 1.259 €/liter premium E10 (10% ethanol) 95 ROZ (EU) ~ 90 RON (US) 1.299 €/liter premium E5 (5% ethanol) 95 ROZ (EU) ~ 90 RON (US) 1.389 €/liter premium plus 98 ROZ (EU) ~ 93 RON (US) Cheers Frank
  6. two months ago, my son donated me a professional photo shoot. I like to share these pictures with you. Cheers Frank
  7. Hi John I like this picture! Nice to see that she is back on the road again. Cheers Frank
  8. Don I've checked Bkdunha's list too, but as Fabrice tells that he has one screw and needs 3 more, I skipped to the next line, where 4 screws are told to be needed. Maybe Fabrice can help us out of the dark with a picture of the one screw he knows is correct. Frank
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