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  1. Got it now. The email app on my smartphone just showed the text and on my laptop MS Outlook refused to open the file. Now I could open it with Mozilla's thunderbird. Frank
  2. I'm not sure whether I can organize the shipping while living on this side of the pond. I will try, but maybe fail. So if any other guy is asking for the console, please don't hesitate to sell it.
  3. Many thanks Geoff for supporting with excellent ideas.
  4. I will check the shipping options and reply to you. Do you have the possibility to pack the console shatter-proof?
  5. I like the iridescent colors. Your family has two really nice mustangs. Oh yes, a warm welcome from Germany. Frank
  6. Greg Most modern vehicles are already well protected against rust. Plastic rarely rusts. The remaining iron parts are either galvanised or coated. But the new cars are more likely to break down because of electronic problems than because of mechanical defects. I only drive my Mustang in winter after several rain showers have washed the roads clean again after a period of gritting. Frank
  7. Greg In most districts these days, salt brine is sprayed on the roads even when temperatures are suspected to be below freezing. This is to prevent the roads from icing up and to protect today's drivers, who are much better at the levers of their PS4s or X-Boxes than at the steering wheel, from driving into ditches. Frank
  8. Greg As I'm living in the same area as Tim: be sure there's more salt than snow on the roads during an average winter. Cheers Frank
  9. How soon do you need to get rid of the console. I live on the other side of the pond and would have to find a way to transport it first without going broke. If you have some time we can exchange via email or private messages. Let me know. Frank
  10. Klaus, I believe 3C30 wants to tell you, that your engine block was cast on a Friday. Cheers Frank
  11. Great pictures. I like it!
  12. To narrow down the possible error, your information is unfortunately not sufficient for me so far. The crystal ball remains cloudy. I assume the noise is in sync with your engine speeds, right? Since you still have good oil pressure, I'm ruling out a loose main bearing bracket or a loosened oil pick up. You won't get around removing the oil pan.
  13. Looks really disastrous. Sorry for the damage of your engine. Frank
  14. Looks like my first Mustang. Same color. Was a 73 too, but with the flat hood due to its F code engine.
  15. You live in a country where such treasures can still be found on the side of the road, in barns or in fields, and where you can buy them for a fair amount. That's what we dream of on the other side of the big pond. Here, you can't find Mustangs to stripe without paying a fortune for them. Frank
  16. Is there a list in the book that gives the dimensions of each spring, i.e. length, diameter, wire gauge and spring rate? If so, I would be pleased if you could also copy and display this list. Frank
  17. That's a really good source for everyone who's planning to service his FMX by himself. Thank you very much for sharing. Frank
  18. Factory tach needs feed via resistance wire. Unresisted 12V feed will damage it. Frank
  19. Yes, a Pertronix ignitor 1 runs with the resisted voltage but it runs better with full 12V. If you want to keep your standard coil and resistant wire you just need to install a relay for the switched 12V feed. Attention! Keep in mind that you can blow a Pertronix Ignitor 1 very fast when ignition is on but engine is not running. Frank
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