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    Welcome from Germany Cheers Frank
  2. Have had the same problems two years ago. cause: bad ground of the engine due to corrosion under contact area. solution: remove the oxide film and renew the ground cable from engine to chassis. Cheers Frank
  3. Congrats! You have done everything right! Always looking for such a chance but all this business (workshop liquidation) is in hand of professional dealers here in Germany. :@ Cheers Frank
  4. definitely ::thumb:: usually not. :( If I remember right, all the steel rims were 14", except the 351 Boss in 1971. Cheers Frank
  5. At my last project I have had much problems with this kind of air filter. At first it worked fine but within weeks the filter element gets clogged and the engine did not get enough fresh air. Effect: gas consumption increased and the engine runs crap. First I changed to an big open round air filter; it went better, then I reassembled the original air filter box and it kept at it's best. Just my 2 cents Cheers Frank
  6. Welcome from Germany Show us some pictures. Cheers Frank
  7. Welcome from Germany :welcome2: Cheers Frank
  8. Welcome from Germany :welcome2: Yes, a BBQ and boots are what everyone expects to see in a barn. ;) Cheers Frank
  9. Welcome from Germany :welcome2: Cheers Frank
  10. Vicus

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    Welcome from Germany :welcome2: really interesting intro. ::thumb:: Cheers Frank
  11. Welcome from Germany :welcome2: She really looks like a good restauration base. ::thumb:: Cheers Frank
  12. Welcome from Germany! :welcome2: This car sounds interesting! share some pictures with us Cheers Frank
  13. Tim now I know what you have done last Thursday! ;) Respect! Well done! Congrats to you and to Oli, your helping hand. Cheers Frank
  14. Frank, which splash shields did you install - where did they come from?!? Unfortunately I had no time on Thursday to come by... :-/ Tim I thought having ordered it at cjponyparts few years ago but unfortunately I cannot find it on their website anymore. :huh: Tomorrow I will have a look whether there is any label on the packing. It was a set of 2 for the doors. There aren't any splash shields for the rear quarters. So I have done them by myself out of a roll of vapor barrier I had in stock from my last roof maintenance. From one side it is waterproofed, from the other side it is permeable to moisture. I have cut it in shape and it matched. If you need some let me know, I'm still long with it. :D Cheers Frank
  15. Welcome from Germany! Cheers Frank
  16. Welcome from Germany. Cheers Frank
  17. Today, I finished rust prevention at my driver's side door. All the parts inside the door have been removed for maintenance, cleaning and new lubrication two weeks ago. In the meantime I coated the inside and the inner part of the door with rust converter (Fertan). Residence time is 48h. After this I washed it away with pure water. The protection layer is still faultless. I painted the inside panel with white rust protection paint. Today I reassembled the door lock, door opener, door handle, the window, window winder, rear view mirror with remote, etc. Then I sealed the door, installed the splash shield and the door cover. Today's work is done! It's quarter to ten pm in Central Europe. Some pictures attached: Cheers Frank
  18. Hello from Germany ::welcome:: Cheers Frank
  19. Salut Régis a warm welcome from South West Germany. :welcome2: Cheers Frank
  20. For sure, Tim! But I have to use my daily driver. My stang is sitting in the garage without rear window and with the left door in parts due to rust prevention. :@ Putting the rear window in place and reassembling the driver side door is work for the upcoming weekend. Would you please provide me your email account for some information I shared with our colleagues from the Stuttgart group of regulars, btw. Oli has got the latest information yesterday in the evening. Cheers Frank
  21. Vicus


    welcome from Germany Cheers Frank
  22. I wonder how he came up with $11,694 My thought exactly.... Why not 11,576? Maybe Mr Tiger has exactly count his dept. :chin: Cheers Frank
  23. Hi I'm a newbee to this forum and cannot judge whether the size of the choosen tires will match with the used rims but in my opinion this kind of tires is some kind of dangerous toy. ;) I have had BFG and Cooper Tires on my rims and even if someone had spit on the road in front of my Mach1, it went sideways on the road. There was no noticeable cornering nor grip. Last year I have changed from 235/60x15 BFG to 225/60x15 Falken ZIEH tires and it was a change in worlds. Even during a drive in intense rain, my Mach1 was going like it was put on rails and the brake distance is already minimized. Falken is not the only manufacturer producing tires at current technique, there a several others. I'm sure you will find them. As you know, Germany does not have a general speed limit on the "Autobahn", from time to time I am going fast with my Mach1 and I won't do it with tires without cornering and with limited grip. Among friends we call this kind of white letter tires "wooden tires". lollerz Cheers Frank
  24. a warm welcome from Germany! Cheers Frank
  25. :thankyouyellow: Thank you all for the warm welcome. :thankyouyellow: Cheers Frank
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