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  1. Rod Much more than the high speed impresses me the constant increase of speed. Shows, that this engine has enough torque available. The engine is a well built 351W with a 4 speed top loader. Frank
  2. Hi Geoff speeding is possible with a classic Mustang too. A friend of mine was a little bit in a hurry on his way home in his 69 Mach1. The scale on the speedometer wasn't enough. By the way, it wasn't illegal. Happened in Germany on an unlimited Autobahn. Cheers Frank VID-20191017-WA0005.mp4
  3. Mac a small impression of a nice evening beginning of September 2020. We are a group of roughly 100 classic Mustangs (64-73) in Stuttgart area. If you come to the South West of Germany, give me a call. There's always time for a beer or two or three... Cheers Frank
  4. Chuck A subsidiary of this brewery is less than a mile away from my home. Give me a shout as soon as you are in Germany. You're cordially invited. Frank
  5. looks like a really nice ride! Congratulations! Enjoy it! Cheers Frank
  6. Steve try to avoid the filter between tank and pump. The mechanical pump does what it is named, it pumps; sucking is not what it is meant for. Cheers Frank
  7. Geoff The two fuel lines are different as the fuel filter at the carburetors are located different. The 2V fuel line ends between the distributor and the carb when the 4V line is much more on the driver side. The original fuel filter of the 2V (Autolite 2100) carb is oriented straight forward while the 4V fuel filter (Autolite 4300) is 90 degree to the left and 45 degrees down. At the end, the original routed 2V fuel line will fit better for the Holley fuel line. Cheers Frank
  8. Spike The vinyl roof was definitely an option in 1973 and it was available for a Mach1. My first Mach 1 (VIN 3F05F260352) was equipped with it. Cheers Frank
  9. Keep in mind that the center hole of the Magnum 500 isn't perfectly centered. Cheers Frank
  10. where does the line of the black plug coming from, you've connected to S? If the wiring uses the same colours as the original one, a red wire with lightgreen stripes (#16) connects S with the + or BAT of your coil, and a red wire with lightblue stripes (#32) connects I to neutral control switch.
  11. Erikroy yellow wires usually indicate permanent plus (wires #36 or #37). If you do have the three small gauges in the middle of the dash, two yellow wires are the source for the parallel wiring of this gauge. One one them will connect to the left pole of your starter solenoid, where the big red wire from battery is connected, the other one should be connected to the yellow coloured junction block, where also the medium thick black wire with orange stripe is connected. Please check, whether the connector rings will match. Cheers Frank
  12. After a total rebuilt of my Mach1's standard engine I did a dyno test this weekend. and these are the results: I'm happy with it. Cheers Frank
  13. Hi Sarah a warm welcome from the South West. Looks like you have found one of the best communities for 71 to 73 Mustangs. Cheers Frank
  14. Hi Don I'm interested in this Haynes Repair Manual, seen on the right top of the picture What's your price included shipping to Germany by USPS? Cheers Frank
  15. Tom you can also go with a dual-plane aluminium intake like the Edelbrock Performer 351-2V and top it with a Autolite Model 4300 carburetor. If your engine is all new done, you can paint the engine and the aluminium intake in the same colour. For more camouflage you can grind off the Edelbrock writing from the top of the intake. :whistling: This is the same combination I have installed in my stang. I only added a 1" spacer between intake and carb. This is how the 351-2V with the Edelbrock Performer 351-2V intake and the 4300 carburetor looks like. (picture is taken during installation with lots of parts missing. :) Just my 2 ct. Cheers Frank
  16. Did a cruise with lots of friends in a dozen early Mustangs And yes, we followed the rules and kept the distance. :whistling: Frank
  17. Mike Maybe this will be helpful https://www.deadnutson.com/search.php?search_query=stamp&page=1§ion=product Cheers Frank
  18. Yes it looks like this set will work. Double check the figures with the size of your throttle shaft. When doing the repair I would advise to use a pillar drill. Cheers Frank
  19. Hi Klaus The part number identifies it as an original one. What's wrong with it? Cheers Frank
  20. I would stay with the Autolite. It matches best to your motor. If it isn't that urgent, I'm travelling and will be back home next Friday, I can send you the two brass bushings and a reamer by mail. Just send me back the reamer after repair is done. If this suits your plannings, please let me know your address anf your phone number via PN Cheers Frank
  21. The complete engine was disassembled into its individual parts and was rebuilt. It now had about 200 miles since the rebuild and I renewed the oil and also replaced the oil filter yesterday. I have checked whether there is debris in the oil, nothing found. I also opened the oil filter. I did not find any chips, dust, abrasion, sealing compound or similar. I only use the FL-1A oil filters from Motorcraft. Looks like this fragment was hiding elsewhere in the block. Cheers Frank
  22. Welcome from Germany. Congratulations for your new old ride and that you have found this forum with all its knowledge. I've followed the discussion about 351W or 351C in your car. Whether it's the one (351C most likely) or the other (351W as a result of an engine swap), please don't purchase any new starter crap. Get your old starter repaired. Usually it's just a pair of coals and a bearing. Cheers Frank
  23. Folks The oil pressure was never gone, the sensor wasn't able to read the right pressure rates. I found the culprit. This little piece of motor silicone has worked its way into the hole in the sensor. Now the gauge shows again high pressure within the limits. Nevertheless the already ordered mechanical oil pressure sensor and gauge will find its way into my car during summer. Cheers Frank
  24. Very good idea! I will check and revert. Cheers Frank
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