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  1. Not in the best condition but figured some of these pieces could be shined up. Shoot me an offer.
  2. Blue urethane bumper For sale. It’s in decent condition no big cracks or chunks missing. Shoot me an offer!
  3. Awesome! From what I gathered the water has a chemical called Holdtight 102 in it which is a rust inhibitor. We also had it completely dry in a few minutes using a commercial grade leaf blower.
  4. Putting in the work to try and save these rusty doors.. I hope it was worth it! upload image to url Drivers side:
  5. Nah, I'm in Mississippi. Was your car outside or in a garage? It's been over a week and mine has no sign of flash rust at all. We died it as quickly as possible . The guy that did it told me they put a chemical in the water caller HoldTight 102. Apparently it's pretty expensive. He said that some dustless blasters will say they are using it but really aren't. It will flash very quickly without it.
  6. It will be done in stages. Didn't want to blast the whole car unless I am ready to paint the whole thing, which I am not ready to do. I didn't want parts of the car sitting unprotected.
  7. Before and after Dustless Blasting!! Man, It looks so good! Next step is to fix some rusted through spots and then paint it with Rust Bullet. Check out the video below! Dustless Blasting my 71 mustang
  8. Which car is the dash from? Great work replacing all that crusty sheetmetal. 1971 M-code Mach 1 That is a 69-70 dash and dash panel.
  9. It's at this point in the build where you go, "I really didn't mean to get this deep into this project." :whistling:
  10. I personally don't drool over Pegasus. It's not that I hate it, it's just not my "taste". Still a great looking car and very well executed. I can't wait to see what Chip does with the interior and taillight panel. 71-71 interior and taillights are just bad... I know this is kinda weird but I really want to see a well executed rear seat. Our back seats just seem blah.. an afterthought at best. IMHO
  11. You know that by the time he is done with it everyone of yall will be drooling.. Even over those door handles. Haha! That thing is going to be bad! And by bad I mean AWESOME!
  12. I replaced the pin and bushings in all my door hinges and man, what a difference that makes. The doors and have no more sag in them and they no longer have that tired whine to them as you open the door. It was a very easy repair. To keep from messing up your door alignment, I found that its easier to leave the door on and latched remove your front fenders to get access to the hinges. Remove only one hinge at a time. Replace the pin and bushings in that hinge then bolt it back to the car right where it was when you took it off, then remove the next one. I used a soapstone marker to outline the hinges to make sure I put them back in the exact same place. I wouldn't take the door off unless you had some other repair you had to do. Trying to get the door realigned by yourself is not easy! Here is a link on how to rebuild the hinges:
  13. I think these kinds of projects are really scary to think about doing. It's like the fear of the unknown. But once you do eventually get started it's like.. "oh, this isn't too bad if you take your time and do the research." I didn't really have a choice in the matter. The car was already rotting and undrivable so I had to start somewhere and I knew I couldn't hurt the car any worse than it already was. I had zero knowledge going into this project. I have never built a car before or even owned a mustang but thanks to the knowledge that is in this forum I have learned a ton and have been able to make quality repairs. It does take a lot of time and a few tools but hey, these cars aren't getting any younger and someone has to do the work to give these cars a new life..
  14. Corbeau Sportline RSS. The Obvious next step in my build. haha! Love the way these seats look and feel upload images
  15. unlimited image hosting I'm getting ahead of myself, as usual, and mocking up my dash. I am really excited about this modification! ??
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