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  1. Hi All I removed my c6 to Have it reconditioned only to find a piece of the casing missing Which lines up with a locating dowel and bolt hole So decided to find a c4 that would give me more room for headers,one came up on eBay A tci unit not used so I bought it I have now found out they do pan filled and case filled c4 I have bought the pan filled It does not have a bell housing I have a 72 Mach 1 351c 2v Can you help me what parts do I need that will make this work I will also have to mod the drive shaft what yoke fits it I would also like to get a higher stall toque converter about 300 rpm more I am from GB so parts not easy to come by so info would really be great Regards Perrie
  2. Ok thx will do I have found the search has changed it use to be very easy to ask a question And info came up very easy now the site has changed its not so easy :huh: I love this site no other is as friendly and as keen to help
  3. Hi,I have just bought plenum and snorkels for my 72,but require the actuator vacuume motors it seems you can buy them as a kit but hard to find them separate does any one know where I can get them pls I bought the snorkels second hand as live in England and they were to expensive to buy With the plenum with post etc from the states Regards Perrie
  4. Hi all Have had good feed back on this site and really helped with my 72 Mach 1 project Thx for your help So I have decided to keep the c6 and sort the leak out Now would like your opinions on it has a b&m megashifter I like the look of it in the car never used one so know ideal what it's like, I'm from uk we don't modifie uk cars With auto box's mostly stick shift Or would you change it back to original shifter, I do not have that so will need to buy it Regards Perrie
  5. Looks original starts up good ticks over nice don't know what it's like under load as not on the road yet shows 98000 miles
  6. All sounds good advice and has put my mind at rest I will keep the c6 It has a b&m mega shift kit i like the look of it in the car who likes them here Or would you go back to original, I do not have original shifter so would need to purchase the parts
  7. Also any info on comp cam 238 is it suitable for street use with my engine as above
  8. Thx for comment I was concerned that as my 72 is H code 351c 2v could be low Hp I would be disappointed if gearbox dragged it back,I want it for street use going to my local meets tearing up the street a bit and just looking good I will up grade carb and inlet manifold to elderbroke And headers in the future It's a 72 built late 71 what is most likely Hp
  9. Proberly the safest bet Do the new rebuild kits create less drag than the original,as been told c6 robs horse power And seems not many headers available I have 351c 2v
  10. Hi I have 72 Mach 1 351c with c6 that is leaking and will need a rebuild am I better keeping this or changing for c4 or Fmx engine I believe is stock at the moment I will look to change inlet manifold carb and headers plus exhaust to gain more horses Regards Perrie
  11. I have received consel in post and they did not pack it good so front r/h side that goes under dash is in about 7 pieces
  12. Does a b and m mega sifter fit with a centre consul Is there a benefit to keep b mad m shifter or better to go standard I have the shifter all ready fitted with out the consul but want to fit the consul I have to take gearbox out has big leak I have seen there is no control to lock gearbox when in park it has been removed is this standard practise or very dangerous Lots of questions sorry Regards Perrie
  13. It's in the post coming to me when I get it il post photo of crack which is a complete break but when pushed together looks fine Clock has numbers that scroll round not hands at this stage not known if works Regards Perrie
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