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  1. Congrats and welcome from another 429 Mustang owner. I have had my 429 SCJ for a little over 23 years. If you have any questions regarding these cars don't hesitate to ask. Much information on this site. Beautiful car... again congrats and happy motoring.
  2. 1971 J Code Body Code 02 Standard sportsroof C6
  3. I believe it's because the factory system was 2 1/4". The exhaust is the same as a 429 from the intermediate pipes back. I had 2 /12" pipes custom bent for my 429 car at the local Muffler shop years ago still using an H Pipe from NPD.
  4. Check with Old Dominion Mustang in VA. I was able to buy some nice rust free things from them in the past. They cut them out and shipped reasonable
  5. That's the time on the slip. There is no correction for sea level
  6. I might be able to squeeze a little more if I modified the carb a little like a larger squirter and accelerator pump. According to the rules there is not much more a person could do although I don't think everyone runs Stock gears. The only options for 71 429 SCJ was a 3:91 or 4:11 I Always wonder what a set of 4:56's would do..hmmm.
  7. :) I was surprised to see it in there. I didn't know they were doing the article
  8. It was at Stanton. 13.53 at About 103 mph.Factory Stock on street tires. I went to a 2 1/2 exhaust and a pertronix ignition. The rest is just like it came from the factory. My personal best is 13.43
  9. My baby Made the Magazine !! Top right hand corner of the front cover. AND.. #7 at the Pure Stocks. Although My personal best is 13.47 on street tires
  10. Mine is a 71 Factory J Code Sportsroof 429 SCJ R 4:11 Detroit Locker Full Gauges AM Radio
  11. 1968 Shelby GT 350 Holley carburetor part number 4118-S rebuilt $450 351c 4 bolt main block standard bore block number D2AE-CA $700 1 set of DOAE-N closed chamber 4v heads with screw in studs and guide plates $750 Set of 351 4v open chamber heads part number D1ZE-DA $450 351c 4v mustang spread bore intake part number D1ZE-9425-BB $100 73 Q code 351c 4v mustang spread bore intake (EGR) $100.00 71-73 mustang c6 drive shaft $75 11" c6 torque converter - rebuilt $100 Stall is between 28 and 3000rpm Shoot me with your BEST OFFER Other parts available PM with needs
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