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  1. I'm interested in the doors if you are parting it out.
  2. I see. Ok. Sounds good to me. I just wanted to undersand better what your plan was. You are doing better than me. You are driving yours. Mine is still in pieces.
  3. I'm curious why you are trying to bring it back to a completely stock car when you already changed the color. If your parts are good and working I'd save the money and put it into other things.
  4. Very impressive work. I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours. btw - Your English is fine...better than many American's English so be proud. When you said you were buffing the primer, I think you meant perhaps block-sanding? You asked the question so I thought I'd answer. Anyway - Enjoy your masterpiece. She is beautiful. by the way - You looked like Brad Pitt to me. Between that and the car you should be attracting lots of girls.
  5. Wow! I'll bet everyone in town knows who you are with that car. Welcome.
  6. I recommend you to buy the Paintucation series from Eastwood. He will show you everything you need to know to tackle this yourself. You will learn a new skill and save yourself ALOT of money in the future.
  7. Do you like it? I've thought about getting one. But - I got nothing weird for Christmas.
  8. Poor bow-tie folks will never understand that these are the greatest cars ever built.
  9. Just goes to show that if want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Good job on your progress.
  10. Is it wrong that I got mad when she got on the hood? All I could think about was the scratches and dents she had to have put in it. Maybe I'll watch it again from a "regular guy, non Mustang lover" point of view to enjoy the girl part of the commercial.
  11. I am VP of Technology for a financial firm. Unfortunately I have many addictions to pay for. Mustangs are only one of them (but my favorite). Currently have 4 of them. My 2007 GT, G/F's 2004 GT, 72 Mach I Q code (under resto), and 65 coupe (under resto). I almost bought another one today. Whew. Glad that didn't work out.
  12. Welcome to the site. Everyone here is awesome and I think you will enjoy it here. Thanks for serving our great country. God bless you.
  13. I voted for my mach I even though I have that and a coupe. The coupe will be sold and the mach will stay mine.
  14. The air compressor is theheart of every shop. Don't skimp here. Buy the biggest and best that you can if you are going to do any serious work. I have an 80 gallon and it still has a hard time with what I am doing.
  15. Will do. It will be based on investment and final product quality for sure.
  16. Price on what? What I paid or what I will sell for? both :D in your other post I had asked you how much to buy. I'm looking for one for my daughter for graduation. Sorry. I must have missed that. The 65 Coupe I paid $2,000 initially. I don't know how much it will sell for as of yet. I will be doing some engine work and ALOT of body work. It has alot of Bondo but the car didn't need hardly any. It will be stripped to bare metal then any dents or rust (extremely little rust amazingly) will be fixed properly. a nice paint job, new interior. engine refurbish, etc will be performed. The project started off as a quick cleanup and sell but has since turned into what will be a show-condition car. Final inverstment is expected to be about $7,000, but after all of the work it should sell in the $13,000 + range...give or take. Lots of hours will be put into this gem.
  17. Still waiting on a price Price on what? What I paid or what I will sell for?
  18. How I got my stang? Hmmm. Which one. I have had and still own several. Anyway I will tell the story of my current project. My first was a 73 Mach I auto so these cars were injected into my blood then. After getting rid of it years ago, I had always kicked myself for doing that. I knew I would because I kept the spoiler from it to put on another one someday. Well someday came about 5 years ago and I went on a search for my old car. No luck and likely crushed a long time ago. I hit Craigslist and found one in Mansfield, TX. I went to see it and saw that it was a Q-code. First I had ever seen in real life. I knew immediately I had to have this car. The guy that had it was a storage building guy and his tenent had stopped paying so he was selling everything in it. The tenent was apparently going to make this a race car. He "rebuilt the engine and spraypainted stripes on it without taping. just did it freehand. rthen painted over headlights and all other lights on the car. I was sick. Then the seller tells me that he found out what the original color was. I already knew because I had my data plate notes with me to show it was white. A look under carpet helped confirm that. Anyway he says yellow. I asked why he thought that and he said "because I scraped the paint to see". Sure enough...all around the car this jackwagon scraped down the layers. I said "thats likely primer dumazz". I have the money. Give me the car. I knew I had to save her. After getting it home I found a large assortment of engine parts in the trunk. All used or original. All in bad shape including an original piston. I thought "wow. A nice decoration" until I pulled the oil pan and saw that this particular piston had been removed while the other 7 were still in it. My work is cut out for me.
  19. Its all good. I have never done paint and body before and my buddy who is helping me hasn't done it in 10 years so this is a practice car before we do it to my beloved Q-code.
  20. I'm glad to see the growth. this site is awesome and the folks here are great. Its good to be in the company with the big bodied Mustangs folks. we are indeed a rare breed.
  21. I'm putting Lambo doors on my 72 Q-Code. Not!!!
  22. Sorry to hear. Thank God that they are ok. Look at the blessing given to you this Christmas and be thankful that you can hug them both again. I got hit by an old lady. She totaled my motorcycle and nearly me, but I lived to ride again. Sheet happens. People are dumb. No amount of persuasion by you can change that so I recommend letting it go and enjoy your family, my friend. Merry Christmas.
  23. Sweet ride. Nice burnout. You shall be receiving your letter from the HOA within a few days.
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