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    I have a 71.  Not doing a concourse. Just wondering where they go.  


    Found these when i've removed the passenger fender. 2 plastics covers at the front and the longer bit weird one behind.







    I actually found those also on my parts car



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    Make  sure you put them somewhere safe. They are rare and very very fragile/flimsey. They were only on the 71 and Boss. I was lucky when i removed R/H fender mine was still there albeit needing some plastic weld from a crack. I paid $100 for L/H side

  2. Since buying my Mustang 3 years ago a lot more parts are available today than were 3 years ago.


    The front console ashtray repop is available and Don at Ohio Mustang stock these ::thumb:: However when it comes to the rear ashtray i cannot find a repop anywhere. So if at some point in the future you see a repop for sale or a NOS or you come across a used one that has never extinguished a cigarette and still has a good shiney layer of plating Please let me know.


    It may only be a small part that has no bearing on the cars performance and you will never know the inside of the ashtray is pitted and ugly BUT in the back of my mind i will know and every time i get in the car i will know and it will bug me until i put it right so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thats some serious pitting Fabrice. I am sure nobody will even know once you have weaved your magic.


    I noticed you use yellow epoxy primer. Any reason why you use yellow? or did i mis-read you previous post a week or two ago?


    Once i have zinc plated the hinge on the ashtray i wil re-assemble it and post a picture. Still unsure how best to deal with the hinge pin going forward as the diameter of the pin is determined by the rounded pieces they slot into and a zinc plate may be too thick to allow free movement of the lid. I may need to invest in a micrometer to get the diameter of the pin and try and find a miller or chromed replacement.

    The chrome top on the ashtray itself that has the four clips holding it in place is so tough to remove for two reasons. Firstly you cant get any purchase behind the clips so you cant pry them up. Secondly if you look on the outside of the ashtray you will see a small dent where the casing was dented to tighten the casing to the chrome top so both ashtray and chrome top come free when you pull out the ashtray to empty it. With the ashtray being so small i imagine it would have been pulled out and emptied on a regular basis. 5 or 6 cigarette butts and its full

    Maybe the ashtrays are different fastback/coupe/year. Someone may be able to shed some light on the differences


    The sealer melts over time and gets on the A post trim and on Verts the stainless. Lots of cleaning for sure.


    It took me 5 days to remove the black goo from both A-post trim and top trim using laquer thinners and around 15 rolls of kitchen towels. It was over half a inch thick in places. I am dreading taking the windshield out although there are a lot of scratches in the glass so if they are too deep it wont matter how many pieces it comes out in.

  5. Cant wait to see progress on your resto. Keep us updated regularly


    My car was purchased from Pheonix. I checked the Marti report and it was sold when new in Pheonix so looks like it spent its first 45 years there. Now its in the UK. If your bodywork is as good as mine there will be a small rusted piece where the driver rests his foot. Other than that mine is rust free :D

  6. !sostatic….

                     How did guys ever get laid looking like that?  Compared to today, I'd say easily and just as often, if not more. We didn't "text", "E-mail", facetime, or "Twitter" a girl,.....we actually talked to them. The 70s youth had face to face people skills. The Hair and clothing styles today will seem just as weird to the generation 20 years from now. Clothing styles had nothing to do with it. The beginning of the seventies was kind of a continuation of the late sixties. There was still a bit of "peace and love" in the air, and "the pill", made available in the sixties helped that to happen. Compared to today's bullshit, it was a better time, gas was 36.9 cents where I worked after school in High School , people spoke their minds as there was no "political correctness" being pervasively pushed on you. Terrorism and ISIS weren't here. Aids wasn't either widely known of, or discovered yet.  Rock n Roll was still king prior to the New Wave and Punk and ( ugh ) disco. Black American music artists were still considered amongst the finest, Rap didn't exist.  In 1971, the Arab Oil Embargo, along with the gas crisis was still a few years away, so high performance cars and muscle cars were still prowling every city in the U.S.  Back in 1971, you could be fresh out of school, looking for work, and you could find a job within a day. Girls didn't de-face their bodies with tats and guys kept their pants up at waist level. Drive-bys, car chases on the nightly news, and people shooting other people with guns was unheard of then. If only we could have forseen the future, we'd have known just how good we had it.


    +1 Face to face has almost become extinct. There wasnt so mkuch violent crime. A fight used to be with fists only. LOL rap isnt music its people that cannot sing chatting sh-it

    Bring back national service and conscript ALL 18 year olds into the armed services for 3 years. That would sort most of todays problems

  7. Is $200. the going price for the 4 dog dish hubcaps?


    I guess it depends on how bad you want NOS.

    I got a set of the full covers NOS for $25.00 because nobody bid and he had no reserve. The dog dish came on so many vehicles there should be tons of them.

    I had to replace two on my Maverick the second day I owned it. Tried to take a turn like I did in my 1950 Ford hot rod and the maverick just slid across three lanes and I hit the center curb barrier and turned the car up on two wheels and went weaving down the road on the two left wheels, lol. Guy with me freaked out. Bent the wheels bad and of course the trim rings and hub caps were trashed. I went to Ford ordered new wheels, trim rings and caps and got them on then took the car in and told them I thought it was out of alignment. This is like a two week old car now. Service manager came to the waiting area and he  said he had never seen one so bad. Had to chain it down and pull the real in alignment, lol. Never told them about running into the curb.


    lollerz  I do like your style David. Would have liked to have been that passenger lollerz

  8. I know that two steps backwards feeling Fabrice. My  molded screw hole at rear of black glove box front have snapped.


    Looking at your work last weekend i saw you tackle the ashtray. Just wondered why you didnt attempt to remove the top chrome piece. I did attempt mine and failed. Those 4 lugs inside the ashtray are stronger than they look.


    I hate when stuff brakes on me, especially when I'm careful. These screws and clips were just so weak I wonder how long it would have take for them to break alone.


    For the ashtray, the top/cap is looking fine now, rust was only on mechanism which is now restored and greased. It's the insert, the actual ashtray that you can take out, that was pitted beyond repair, I saw on one place the rust devoured the metal so much I could see the plating from the other side! Thats the part I will replace by a new/better one eventually.

    There are 4 bits of metal pressed, but they didn't look like a good idea to play with on mine. If you do it this way on yours, please send some picts.

    That will not really change anything for this one, but as I want go take a look at my 73's as well, much less rusted, It might come handy if I could re-plate only the bottom.


    I had to go same route as you for rear ashtray and soak it in sauce because the chrome top was bending as i tried to remove it. If i had carried on i know it would have broken.


    However, the lid was a differant story. The two parts just clip together and easily seperated. I then drilled out the rivets and used a pair of grips to remove the hinge pin.


    I am working on both front and back ashtrays. Thanks to Don, Ohio Mustang, i bought a replacement front ashtray(dont think rear is available yet). There are a few more parts to the front ashtray. First off i drilled out the rivets that hold the front of the drawer then i pried the outer runner from the inner runner. I then drilled out the rest of the rivets from both the runners and removed the 2 plastic plugs. They are 90% ready for plating. I just have to clean in the hard to reach places.



    Still looking for the 4th ball bearing that rolled across the kitchen floor



  9. I know that two steps backwards feeling Fabrice. My molded screw hole at rear of black glove box front have snapped.


    Looking at your work last weekend i saw you tackle the ashtray. Just wondered why you didnt attempt to remove the top chrome piece. I did attempt mine and failed. Those 4 lugs inside the ashtray are stronger than they look.

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