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  1. Now Mustang make the correct right hand drive they are becoming a lot more common now in the UK
  2. Keep us updated on progress and satisfaction
  3. HAHAHAHAHA You might want to try the 1973 chrome mirrors. They are better looking and quite a lot bigger. Heres a link to a used one; https://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-MUSTANG-1971-1973-DRIVER-SIDE-MIRROR-DIZB-17743-AA-GOOD-USED-CONDITION/282342679820?epid=1224358494&hash=item41bcef650c:g:TesAAOSw4GVYRwA2
  4. They look like the 4 bits that have just arrived with my new part. I am already a VIP so wont put correct answer They are nasal clips for the wife when a man passes wind
  5. Theres always a solution and it looks like you are going through left to right hand drive and resolving all the issues without too much bother. Great to see your progress
  6. I was lucky with the metal as there was only a hole the size of your little finger in drivers floor. However the car spent its life in a desert state before imported to UK. This meant every single rubber. plastic, and cloth part on the car is scrap. When i first made the decision to remove and strip down the engine when i purchased the car i made the decision then to end up with a brand new car when i had finished. I didnt go for NOS or repair/restore old parts. I decided to put repop items back. 3 years down the line and the engine has been stripped and rebuilt. Engine bay, underside, and trunk bare metalled and resprayed. This year i hope to get the heater-A/C recommisioned, interior bare metalled and resprayed along with the all the trim and dash. I am sure all wiring behind the dash will need replacing when i inspect it just like the wiring that fell apart under the hood once it all got disturbed
  7. Thanks fellas. Pegleg, I will try to get a video for you guys. I have a 71 of my own I have been working on for years. I am planning on tearing it down in a few years when I build my new garage. Here’s mine from a show this summer. Vey very nice. That trophy looks to be well deserved. If i was your side of the pond i would be sending my car your way to be restored for sure
  8. Fantastic job. The owner should be over the moon. Hope you upload a video to youtube once the exhaust is installed. Has it made you want to do one for yourself?
  9. Surely the company will fit new harmonic balancer and balance everything up. Its their mistake so they should make it right. I would take a ride to the shop and ask EXACTLY what will be done to rectify THEIR mistake
  10. Wonder if its exactly same shade. Colors look differant or maybe its just differant light and equipment
  11. My 71 Grande came with single exhaust. I put a twin exhaust on and the engine now breaths a lot better now not to mention the sound has improved vastly
  12. Thank you all for your imput. I have decided to do the firewall in latex backed felt like original. The original came out as dust wrapped in black polythene so i may wrap in black shrink wrap https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-underfelt-soundproofing-acoustic-felt-sound-deadening-underlay-insulation/182950799448?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=690268385949&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I will do the rest in a mix of xmat or similar on floor and sides then use the same type but on a roll for the roof so i can do back to front of roof in one strip. It never crossed my mind to do behind roof trim but i sure will now its been pointed out. Lots of work to do before i install. I just hope it warms up soon so i can crack on with it
  13. I am looking to order my sound deadener. I know a few members have done theres. How many square foot have other members used to complete the job including roof
  14. Seems to me like the remnants he is selling is the carrot. According to the rest of the description he is happy to sell the buyer all the rare bits for $$$ plus a donor. Anyone want to message this guy and see what he has and what price to actually get this wreck road ready
  15. I used POR15 ford corporate blue. Diluted 10% and made its usable with a spray gun
  16. Fabrice was the weekend devoted to research? I miss your updates. The depth of information is second to none
  17. Congratulations on making it road legal. Makes all that effort worthwhile Do you not get special dispensation on the plates because its a classic car? Here in the UK we can have American sized plates and we can have black background with silver digits as opposed to new cars which need black letters on a white background on the front and yellow background on the rear
  18. With musch Gratitude to Fabrice i am about to embark on the electrolysis route. From what i have learned electrolysis is far quicker than molasses and you have the option of laying a coat of zinc on the clean metal to help prevent future rust for longer
  19. Money cant buy you that kind of happiness. For me when that key turns and that engine roars into life the smile goes from ear to ear. Priceless
  20. The thought of finding a vat big enough to immerse that engine completely and performing some electrolysis on it for a week is exciting. It would have to be a big big vat
  21. It might be worth talking to someone in France and try to get it back to France and get the engine running plus brakes. There used to be a American air base in Germany but not sure if its still there. That could be a way of getting back to America once its running and driving. Anything is possible if you want it enough. The other alternative is to sell it to a European. I am sure a european would love to take a 429CJ on at the right price
  22. I've seen the before and after implementation, it changed the car park significantly. I can't even remember the last time I saw a car looking really bad (rust wise), smoking crazy, dribbling front wheels for bad shocks or even cars visibly going left or right when its time to stop. This control is the only extra I need to pay for having a car that I support. Go to same inspection address for my cars for years now. I get an honest and fair inspection vs the many other places I tried before trying to force services on you, always finding only the stuffs they could replace in house. I hate it when they find something as it means come back again next week, but so far they've always been honest.
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