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  1. Not sure if the Capri was still produced in 1992 here in the UK. If you look at the first Capri's from early 1970's you will see a miniature version of the 71-73 Mustang. They were a popular car with the working class that couldnt afford a ferrari or Lambo. The Capri, like the early VW Golf, have a good following here in the UK. Although the "XR2" was assigned to the Ford Fiesta here in the UK along with "XR3" assigned to the Ford Escort and "XR4" assigned to the Ford Sierra
  2. Home grown veg tastes far better than shop purchased veg. Tomatoes and cucumbers taste as they should whereas sho[p bought taste like water and nothing else
  3. Welcome from the UK. Great car and a great story
  4. Great Stang history. Hope you find what you want
  5. :D The car has gone off to the sprayers to have all the panels lined up. When i dropped the car off the sprayer said when he had lined up all the panels i could go to his workshop and strip the car myself if i wanted :D and store all the parts there. Then he said i could help with taking the car back to bare metal if i wanted to :D Looks like i have found a sprayer that wants to help save me as much money as possible and help as much or as little as i want.
  6. Its Ford corporate blue. I only found it in a brush on tin but if you dilue by 10% it can be done using a sprayer. I know its available here in UK on Ebay and i am sure its available elsewhere in Europe https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POR15-Ford-Corporate-Blue-Engine-Enamel-Paint-473ml/142713591436?epid=22012056211&hash=item213a64968c:g:jXMAAOSwMr1XPZv7
  7. There are never problems. Only solutions to a challenge. Great job
  8. Newbold i need the 4 plastic pieces inside the fender that give you access to the nuts holding the fender extensions. One is square and one is oblong. I also need half dozen small bolts that hold the bare metal strips behind the headliner.
  9. Welcome back. Nice car
  10. Baz sorry for the delay. I havent been around. I originally bought from ebay but was advised to use zinc sheets as its easier to bend into whatever shape you need for the part your working with. I ended up buying 1.2mm thick sheet from this company https://www.metaloffcuts.co.uk/ I bought a sheet 1000mm x 250mm. thanks Steve,. i will check them out. Also how are you derusting the items and what product are you using ? does it take the existing plating off ? thanks. The existing plating gets a layer on it from oxidization so i use triple zero wire wool to take that off. Some parts are stubborn so end up with no zinc layer on the metal in parts. Its does not matter if you leave old zinc plate on as long as your part is smooth. If anything the old layer is a plus as there is no chance of flash rust happening. For de-rust bath its 3 tablespoons of washing soda and a teaspoon of Epsom salts added to 10 lires of water. Doing it this way means its enviromentally friendly and you can pour the water down the drain once you done with it. You will also need a aquarium heater to keep the water at 20 degrees. For zinc plating its white vinegar with a teaspoon of Epsom salts added. Again use a aquarium heater at 20 degrees
  11. Its amazing how much preogress can be made in such a short time. Re-assembly is the best feeling
  12. Any progress is good progress. Work allows you to imbibe in your hobby. I see from your last picture where you have red oxide you did not touch behind where the rear wheel arches are. Yoy may want to consider a soda blaster for that. A PITA for sure but it will give you piece of mind long term
  13. The last couple of days i managed to de-rust and zinc plate another strip from behind the headliner and the metal side panel on the dash. The last of the six strips from behind the headliner is in de-rust bath and will be zinc plated tomorrow and hopefully all the small bolts that fix the strips in place
  14. Great great work Fabrice. Nice to see things being re-assembled. How did the new spring fit in the hood latch?
  15. Thats real progress in action. Well done
  16. Looks like a great job Mike. Dont forget to put your axle tag back on ( if your going to put it back) before you put back on the car
  17. Looks awesome Ozcoupe. You should be proud of all you have achieved
  18. Today i went from the longest 2 strips to the shortest 2 strips behind the headliner. They spent the night in electrolysis bath and today they was zinc plated The metal dash end plate is in the electrolysis bath tonight Who would have imagined how satifying this job turned out to be. I recommend plating to everyone
  19. It never ceases to amaze me how Americans have access to so many more quality products compared to here in the UK. Its frustrating :@
  20. Sounds like you got a plan in motion and making good progress
  21. They are 84cm long. I tried the rain guttering first with de-rust but it was not deep enough so i used the tub below that i used to spray parts. Its a very large tub but i had it leant against the wall and only used around 3 litres of vinegar. I now need to find a longer tub to fit the roof bows in. I havent measured the roof bows but i reckon they are around 1 metre long. Thats for another day soon. The headliner will be the second job after the vinyl roof is fitted. Time to think outside the box :D 2013 porsche cayenne 0 60
  22. Todays contribution to restoring the car. The 2 long strips that fit behind the headliner have been de-rusted with electrolysis and then zinc plated. The metal dash end plate has been paint stripped and sanded. Its ready to go in the de-rust sauce tomorrow. The shortest 2 strips that fit behind the headliner will sit in the de-rust sauce overnight. what insurance companies cover rebuilt titles
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