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  1. It must be my lucky day. :D Today i removed the fender to put new door hinges on the car. When i removed the fender i found the original filler still in place. :P It does have a crack in it but i am sure that can be sorted out with the knowledge i picked up from Fabrices magical grill plastic welding.
  2. What a absolute PITA door hinges are to fit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never want to fit new door hinges again. Having never done this before i definately underestimated how how heavy the doors are. Trying to lift a door with all the glass and fittings still attached and trying to balance with one leg and a prosthetic is definately one of the toughest jobs i have tacled on the car. The lines arent perfect but my sprayer will be sorting that out on Monday. The next few weeks will be hectic stripping the car and FINALLY getting the paint stripped ready for paint. I am going to tackle in 2 stages. Main body plus doors 1st stage. deck lid, fenders and hood second stage. My thinking is once the body and doors are done i can do the interior. Lots and lots of electrolysis and zinc plating to do over the coming weeks.
  3. WOW and more WOW. You are definately stripping things right back. Wish i had your skills and confidence. I am looking forward to seeing the finished car
  4. Looks like its paint stripping season. I just got to get my shut lines lined up then i will be getting stripped off too :D
  5. It wont be this color for much longer :D Cant wait to take it bare metal and spray it grabber lime what is the ninja turtles phone number
  6. Welcome from the UK...........Looks like you got a few years of weekends ahead of you
  7. Great work Baz. What you using on the roof to remove rust?
  8. Its great you got to enjoy your first drive after the resto :D
  9. Hey Fabrice i havent been around for 2 weekends and i come back and you done lots and lots of fantastic work. Glad the weather held out for you. Now you can fit all your parts back on the car and finally get some valuable space in the workshop so you can fill it up again with more parts
  10. One more job ticked off the list. One step closer to driving your cae again
  11. Baz sorry for the delay. I havent been around. I originally bought from ebay but was advised to use zinc sheets as its easier to bend into whatever shape you need for the part your working with. I ended up buying 1.2mm thick sheet from this company https://www.metaloffcuts.co.uk/ I bought a sheet 1000mm x 250mm.
  12. Definately worthwhile learning a new skill. The process from de-rust to plate is quite simple in theory but does require some effort and thinking outside the box. I was lured into the plating world by Fabrice. I never thought i would consider it either but i have enjoyed the learning process that just keeps on asking questions with differant shaped parts.
  13. Must be good luck day today. Well done
  14. Great scoop. Always good to hear some good luck happening to fellow members
  15. My AZ Driven J Code vert jute was crystallized to a pulp when I got the car and started the disassembly for restoration... It had gotton into all my electrical and mechanical components under the dash. A bloody mess of everything... The only issue I had with this green ‘73 vert was the wet West Coast weather in Victoria, BC where the car spent its first 44 year’s (mostly sitting...) before I brought it to Ontario. I removed the complete under pinning's of the car and replaced/restored everything back to factory appearance. Everything above the uni body was near mint... Yeah Arizona weather no good for rubber or cloth but very kind to metal work. I would have liked to see full picture of wrap around as i am going to re-instate jute with black shrink wrap and have no clues as to exactly where and what it exactly wrapped
  16. That jute looks like its new. Mine fell out the dash like a snow shower
  17. Another piece of iron zinc plated and protected for another 50 years. Each piece brings new learning with zinc. The rear of this dash pad plate was a royal PITA to do
  18. That looks like major progress, Well done
  19. Once the cars home the fun begins. Looking forward to seeing your build progress. Hows the engine coming along?
  20. HaHaHa i remember that feeling well :D Ho Ho Ho Santas been early :D
  21. I have plated all 5 brackets with zinc to give them another 50 years protection aluminium oxide ceramic The 3 A/C brackets have been sprayed black With a BIG Thank You to BKDHUNA i sprayed the spring perches the correct metal grey. Now working on plating the long bracket that the dashpad screws on to
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