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  1. You will be out flying in the car before you know it
  2. Cant wait to see the project finished. Hope you post a video when your completed
  3. Great progress Fabrice albeit not as much as you had planned. Any progress is welcome not matter how small the step is
  4. Wade did you pass on this website to the new owner?
  5. The difference in weight might have a influence too ;)
  6. Great job Fabrice. Its certainly NOT overkill if you are protecting grounds. Protection is what is. Peace of mind
  7. Hey, Did you ever switch the interior to white? You should post a pic. I have the same problem with my custom built 73 Grandé with the mixed color seats Avocado and Light Avocado. Was thinking of just covering the seats in the one color 1973 Ford Vinyl L-4462 from SMS Auto Fabrics. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them. Need the dash replaced and drivers seat done. SMS will send you free samples. You may want to email them and ask if they stock exact match, if you want a exact match. If you re-upholster one seat it will be brighter than the rest so IMO you need to re-upholster them all. If you change colour you have to take into account all the plastic trim is Avocado and would you want to change that too. It comes down to cost and how much you want to invest in your car. Set your budget and look at the options open to your budget
  8. Now would be a good time to consider a 6-9 month holiday in Europe. However holiday would be a misrepresentation of why you should come to Europe for 6-9 months. I am sure you would be none stop with business. I would be the first in line to get my wiring updated :D
  9. Welcome back.....Looks like the cars been playing hide and seek
  10. Brett i totally agree with you.
  11. Cleveland engine. :D Theres hope for the rest of us with a Cleveland engines :D
  12. Perfect. One more project to the list. Hey, this is the first project in Page 12 of the list. I am sure glad i didnt draw up a list. It would have made for daunting reading. Though once you reach that mid point theres a sense the finish line coming into view ;)
  13. So am I looking at four of these? [/url]http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/Mustang/Body/Door-Components/Door-Hinges/Door-Hinge-Pin-Bushing-Repair-Kit-1967-1973-Mustang-Cougar.axd I am sure Don @ Ohio Mustang does those
  14. Awesome car and awesome work. I do like the Firebird but i think Firebirds should all be red
  15. Sad to hear your news and i hope contractors move quickly for you
  16. " The top thin part especially, where you very likely lean on while busy on the engine. I need got get some aluminium for that". Aluminium was my thinking too. I would go for polished aluminium as it would make the grill and corral surrounds ping more in the sun. Its a shame your not in the UK. I got a square metre sitting in the shed. Unless anyone is travelling from UK to Holland this year
  17. Good to hear your getting to enjoy that unique sound of the Mustangs Soul
  18. ::thumb:: Thank You Vey much. That is a great help. Will definately take your advice on mastic ::thumb::
  19. Yes i got both types of clip with it Did the clips change over 71-73? My car was a early 71 built late 1970
  20. I will be re-instating vinyl roof soon. My car had none when i bought it and i purchased the vinyl trim surround from a fellow member. I have no idea how the trim fits to the roof apart from where there are filler marks on the roof where holes were for some of the fixings to go through. The important question is; Do i apply any backing to the trim/roof and do i need to put sealer where bolts go through the roof. After paint the order of jobs would be Vinyl roof, headliner, and lastly front/rear windshields
  21. Looking nice and crisp. You will be driving with a big big smile on your face real soon
  22. Slice and dice. Also known as cut and shut here in the UK. The car would not be allowed on UK roads if it was a cut and shut. It would be sent to the crusher.
  23. Thats another job ticked off the list. Is the small hole the last of the welding or is there more to do?
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