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  1. That car has some serious extras. I bet all those extras would have added some big bill on top of the list price for the fortunate buyer (No smiley available drooling or i would have used it many times)
  2. We are, in my opinion, here in the U.K mostly free of the liability culture and the astronomical costs involved in running someones a$$ through the court system. Thats one strange cultural norm in the U.S. with some eye watering payouts awarded by judges.
  3. For sale in Chicago Exterior....Interior to follow plus engine
  4. Thunder Thunder Thunder :D I am still waiting for the lightening
  5. rofl I thought $25 was a cheap price to have a carb shipped. rofl That price includes the carb with a whole car rofl lollerz I Wish :chin:
  6. So how many Stangs you own? This line up has actually changed since last month. Added a 84 SVO turbo and a 07 Stang.
  7. I use a Acer E15 With intel core i5-4210U 1.7GHZ with turbo boost up t2.7GHZ 4GB DDR3 Memory and 1000GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 4400, up to 1792 MB Dynamic Video Memory--Works great for Youtube video streaming My last 3 laptops have been Acer and wouldn't buy any other brand. If i have to restore, on the rare occasion i need to, its very easy to restore laptop back to fatory settings. I have 2x 2TB external hard drives i store all my old VHS digitized media but i keep all my pictures on laptop as theres ample room without slowing things down.
  8. This 1973 Q code for sale on Facebook group $6,200 https://www.facebook.com/groups/7173mustangs/permalink/1170195459675557/?sale_post_id=1170195459675557
  9. Most modern cars have no drip rail so it should be fine. ::devil:: Especially if you drive it like you stole it. Then the water can only go towards the back of the car :D
  10. Ditto...It must be good to meet up with fellow enthusiasts.
  11. Hello & Welcome form the U.K. Great Pics and Collection
  12. What color do you need? Hi Steve, i need this seatbelts but in 2-Point for a Convertible. When you find such so seatbelts, please information me. Thanks :-) Duck
  13. :D Found the perfect set of seatbelts for myself on Ebay :D :P Great Price too http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201618479173?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. ::thumb:: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kellogg ::thumb::
  15. :huh: $24,500.00 :huh: Really!!!! In that state???
  16. If you need parts you may want to try this link. The link was posted today for another member looking for other parts http://www.allclassicmustang.com/1971MustangParts.html
  17. Fantastic story. If you bump into her again maybe you could get a picture of Ed
  18. I recieved a PDF format Elite report on 10 June. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to reieve the complete items framed?
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