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  1. Agreed thanks, i do sometimes think I've got too deep into this, but to be honest, i can see the end of the welding, my bigger concern will be putting everything back together correctly, that will take time and involve a lot of posting on this forum for help! If you take any more parts off make sure to take pictures and label EVERYTHING you take off with a note attached giving instruction of where it came from.
  2. Good to hear you are positive about progress. As long as you can picture the car finished you will always makes steps forward. Some will be giant steps and some will be small
  3. ::thumb:: Fabrice Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze and inspire. Anyone doing a restoration only need follow your build thread to get the answers they are looking for. :goodpost:
  4. Its been a productive day today. I got some of roof trim de-glued. What a PITA that job was. It had been baked in Arizona for 45 years. The wire brush needed plenty of elbow grease. Used a stainless steel scourer and then triple zero wire wool. Where the glue came away the zinc plating came away. The parts are ready to be zinc plated just as soon as i find a bath to accomodate the parts. I also got one of the spring plates polished up after using zinc bath. Final part to get prep for zinc bath was the plate the dash screws to double 6 dice sarfaroshi ki tamanna lyrics The 2 pieces of roof trim with jagged pieces i left till last. They are going to be a massive PITA and no doubt i am going to end up with chunks missing from my fingers by the end of the process
  5. I would wire brush thick rust off. Second pass would be stainless steel scrubbers. Third pass wire wool. Then i would use electrolysis to remove the rest of the rust. Then polishing wheel to remove pitting. Then i would either get them chrome plated by professionals or zinc plate at home and use a good polish and you would get that chrome look :D Just take a look at Fabrices thread and you will see how its done. :D Its a lot of hard work and effort but worth it if your on a budget.
  6. Yep Yep your addicted to the smell of white vinegar bubbling away. :D Great work as always Fabrice. You may want to consider some aluminium under the top middle section too. The stretch where the latch is. I am constantly leaning on that very fragile piece of plastic
  7. Very nice. Is it as good close up as the pictures promote
  8. I meant to go yesterday but it totally slipped my mind. Its only 5 or 6 miles away from my home
  9. Fixed it for you. For sure. Long term fix for a 69 fastback. That would be perfect
  10. lollerz ::thumb:: :D ::thumb:: lollerz :goodpost:
  11. Good to hear you have it running and ready to enjoy the experience
  12. Surely if you put your mind to it you could make at least 5 good cars from that lot
  13. Great progress Fabrice. Plenty of success. Next stage in any resto is always a satisfying feeling. Well done
  14. Sounds like you got your work cut out there and a sensible plan to make it right
  15. Great progress. Cant wait to see it buttoned up
  16. ::thumb:: Sounds like you made the right choice. You should never have to touch the engine and trans again :D I like your thinking. Peace of mind is priceless Time to enjoy the car Time to head south if you got a very short summer.
  17. Its a brothel options panel with pictures of the fine ladies missing Its called Pimps Delight The U.S government make them. They are connected to IRS so they know whos making how much $
  18. I am looking to buy a L/H Fender to Windshield Filler. I already have a R/H pictured below Thanks to Don @ Ohio Mustang
  19. Just the one would do me fine. That must be a lifetime of passion right there. Lucky to have amassed such a hoard of treasure
  20. Anything is possible with passion, determination, skill and money. Our hobby makes us happy or we wouldnt do it. Build your car in a way that makes you happy
  21. Welcome from the UK. Great find. Looking forward to seeing it come back to life.
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