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  1. mmmmmmm Maybe its the same tree and it can really walk. That would explain a lot. This was on our national news today; Its just as bad when one a$$hole drives and hits a innocent driver. The driver killed the boy in this car and was only jailed for 6 years. Note the split picture, right picture with 140mph on speedo. Left picture is the a$$hole that killed the innocent boy. Heres a newspaper article; http://www.itv.com/news/2016-07-11/dead-drivers-car-displayed-outside-parliament-amid-calls-for-tougher-road-sentences-for-road-offences/
  2. Oh to be American. It seems from all the American shows we get to watch there are a lot of car hoarders in America. Then there are the guys that drive a car till its drove into the ground, park it up and buy another one and that gets repeated for the life of the person. So picking up classic cars in America seems to a non-American a very easy thing to do. I think when i buy my next classic American car i will be jumping on a plane
  3. My first was a 1971 Ford Escort. Bought it secondhand in 1983. Bright yellow, which was the most popular color at the time along with orange. I bashed the hell out of my first Escort and used buckets of filler to fill dents over many many times of denting the panels. Always seemed to be the same place i bashed and just knocked the old filler out and refilled a dent that got progressively bigger. lollerz
  4. I get regular emails from 360Mustang. Some days they send stories and information thats interesting. The emails cover all years so not always of relevance to me. Today i get a email and one of the topics was "Insider’s Guide to Vintage Ford Literature You Probably Didn’t Know About". The piece tells of literature available to dealers that give the dealers better knowledge in the cars they are selling toenable them to improve on sales. Heres the link to the page. http://www.mustangandfords.com/features/1607-insiders-guide-to-vintage-ford-literature-you-probably-didnt-know-about/ Heres a couple of links to Ebay to pages selling the literatutr; http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=1971+ford+shop+tips&_sop=15&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.X+ford+shop+tips.TRS1&_nkw=+ford+shop+tips&_sacat=0 http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=1971+ford+car+facts&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xford+car+facts.TRS0&_nkw=ford+car+facts&_sacat=0 Happy viewing You can sign up for emails from 360Mustang. I personally think its worth the effort. You never know what you will learn and pass on to others
  5. Heres the Jaguar Vert. You could Get them with V8 & V12
  6. If you check out the Jaguar XJS you will be surprised just how much they are the same. Even down the length of the bonnet
  7. Sometimes its tough being the other side of the pond. If i was Stateside i would of had that. Maybe a Stateside vendor can work with me on this???
  8. The problem may be in the gear at the back of the lock cylinder and its engagement/adjustment with the actuator for the ignition switch rod: Would the same apply to a tilt steering? I am asking because my reconditioned one has arrived at customs in U.K And when i take old one out i got to strip it down because the ignition no longer works due to idiot mechanic
  9. Damn!!!! 7-10mpg Thats unreal when you consider what modern soulless cars get mpg. Still, i would rather have a Mustang with soul & character Haha, yeah. The 'lower' rear endgearing will kill gas milage. The GV overdrive really helped but probably won't pay for itself in saved fuel since I don't drive it more than a couple thousand miles a year (if that). But the OD also really makes it more pleasureable to drive, especially on the highways. The tripower doesn't help either. I am actually 'over carbureted' and I haven't had the time to tune it. I could probably squeeze another mile or two out of it. If I went fuel injection I would have to make it sexy. Something like this: or this Well, If you going restomod That fuel injection is very sexy. If i were going down that route, which i'm not, i would definately fit that sexy shapely Fuel Injection and run around with no hood :coolphotos: :bravo:
  10. Having emailed Read Mullens Grandson, Mike, and getting a reply to his email i thanked him for his response even though he could not help with the cars history he has emailed me again and asked for my address. He mentioned he still had a Decal that Read Mullan put on the cars at the time of sale. So i will wait and see what the postman delivers. Whatever comes in the post it will definately be a curve ball as the dealership closed 2009 and its Read Mullens grandson i am corresponding with. Will definately stay motivated now i am off to a flying start.
  11. It is still for sale, just not via eBay at present due to far too many timewasters and dreamers on there. A video of it running and driving is available on our website www.motodrome.co.uk. It's currently in our workshop being prepared for a new MOT. I have heard the same from lots of sellers. Too many dreamers in this world. Never understood why sellers get so many timewasters. Work out what i want to spend and start looking. Go Take a look and buy it. My present car was purchased on Ebay. I saw it. Phoned seller. Drove up there. Crawled underneath and saw NO RUST. Heard it run. Shook the sellers hand and paid. Arranged a truck to deliver. Then had 2 weeks in Tenerife. Came back and had it delivered. Simple or it should be
  12. We will see if that thought holds true in November... Its all relative. Stocks, shares, Property, £, $, Euro Its all relative to a select few buying and selling. Three people have just been found guilty in the U.K of fixing the Libor rate. The rate banks lend to each other. These people made millions off the back of the working class. Stocks and shares get sold and bought in trillions of dollars daily. On the whole prices yoyo up and down and the select few make billions from the sale of stocks and shares. But on the whole the top 100 companies share price rise year on year. Things always have a way of evening out as long as you look at the long game. As you said we will see in November. A new president and the run up with differant poles that predict a winner will affect everything your side of the pond. The whole political system here in the U.K has imploded on itself with leaders either stepping down or refusing to step down even when under immense pressure. I am sure the EU is about to implode. A build-up of NATO troops on the Russian borders sabre rattling. Then those of us outside the U.S get fed a black picture of Donald Trump( I'm not American so don't have opinion of him) through the media. The whole world is in a state of flux and how it plays out is something that time will give us. All those factors and then mother nature boosting crops one place and destroying them somewhere else will inevitabley play a major factor in the confidence in the markets and the yoyo butterfly effect on stocks and shares price level. I do know one thing. My first house cost me £14,500 and worth in todays market around £150,000 plus. So my adult life house prices have moved tenfold for the positive. I Always play the long game
  13. So i emailed the Mullan family thinking i was emailing the original Ford dealer Read Mullan but it turns out its his grandson. Anyways he sent the following email which could be of interest to everyone here. This is what he replied; You are very close but unfortunately I am unable to help. I was actually working there in 1970 and possibly took care of the vehicle while i was a student working the weekends or holidays. I was/am the car nut in the family. Did you contact Marti located in Az for possible widow sticker. Marti reports to authenticate Fords. Company website:www.martiauto.com. Phone: (623) 935-2558 Might want to contact him and see what he says. You might tell him mike Mullan grandson of Read Mullan Ford (Grandfather's name was Read Mullan)suggest you talk to him. Kind of a wild color for a Grande. Actually do not remember that color on a grande. If you can show me info about where and when the car was sold from, I might be able to get you a decal that was put on the Read Mullan Ford vehicles of the time. I have an original and plan on making duplicates. Just a fun touch. Would like to see what it looks like in a grabber green. Good luck Mike PS Might keep an eye on my new website for automobilia. The real site should be going active in a week or two. It is going to be like a craigs list but strictly for Automobilia. I have a few friends digging through their Ford stuff and should be able to start listing some things Ford related. It seems like I will be posting 1970 or 71 mustang fastback postcards soon. A hobby! www.cartreasures.com
  14. The exchange rate has suffered by around 10% no more If you take a positive outlook it will take 10% longer to buy parts. And when alls said and done its only money at the end of the day. Love ya Mustang and money never comes between you and your Mustang. If we are restoring our Mustangs to sell it on & recoup what we have invested we would never do a restoration because the money we throw at the car and the hours we put in we will never realises the true cost we invest. When the Euro hit 1.45 to £ i bought a lot of Euros. Some unscrupulous sellers are trading 1 to 1 right now. There are Visa/master cards out there that you can load money on to. You can only spend what you load on to them. Just keep your eye on exchange rates and when the £/$ hits that sweet spot you just load the Visa/master card and then it don't matter if the rate drops in the future.
  15. lollerz @ I'd rather stick my wiener in a meat grinder lollerz That has put a big smile on my face to start the day A BIG THANK YOU ::thumb:: :goodpost:
  16. Is this article right when it mentions the DMV? http://www.secondchancegarage.com/public/189.cfm
  17. Read Mullen Ford had one awesome way to advertise there business; The old dealership was indeed on 1st and Van Buren (28 East Van Buren). There was a publicity stunt at the location in 1959 where Lonesome Long John Roller lived in a Mullen Ford on top of a flagpole for 244 days, establishing a world record for flagpole sitting: There was also a body shop Lonesome Long John Roller actually made a record of his world record http://www.mullanbrothers.com/
  18. Read Mullen Ford was built in 1961 and demolished in 2009. Almost all the dealerships have replaced their buildings over time, and many dealerships have changed hands. Two original buildings were lost in just the last four to five years. The Read Mullen Ford Dealership constructed in 1961, at 1550 E. Camelback Road, was demolished in 2009. The dealership was located at the intersection of two busy streets where waiting motorists would be drawn in through the well-lit showroom encased in glass with a wavy-edged roof line projecting toward the sky.
  19. I ordered the circuitboard yesterday and it arrived today!!!!!!! Now thats service :D Yeah mine WAS Grabber Lime till someone painted it. I am looking forward to stripping back to bare metal and bringing it back to factory Grabber Lime. Though my interior is 4R Green and a Grandé i am sure when it gets done it will be stunning with the White vinyl roof. I will be sure to post pictures when work finally starts on it That's going to be awesome!! My preference would be for a black interior, but that's your call. Look forward to seeing pictures as you get her done. Post pics of the lights when you're done. The rest of my parts should be here Tues/Wednesday so with a bit of luck the work should be done by next Friday-Monday. Will load a video up if i can work it out. It should be easy enough :chin:
  20. Taking everyones comment on board i can see where you are coming from. Then i think if i really wanted a Mustang with extra power and more of a sports version it would be a Shelby. Maybe Ford meant the Shelby to be the car for the speed demons?
  21. That was for sale on Ebay. Very honest in his appraisal. Would of liked to hear ir running and see it driving
  22. It will be finished before you know it. Great news
  23. Well i found a guy on Facebook with same name and same city, Phoenix. I messaged him but i think there may be a language barrier a i don't speak Spanish
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