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  1. Damn!!!! 7-10mpg Thats unreal when you consider what modern soulless cars get mpg. Still, i would rather have a Mustang with soul & character
  2. I just posted a link to the site on the facebook group "UK 1971-72-73 Mustang group". Hopefully we can attract some new members
  3. Looking for the history of my car My 1971 Grande was sold 11/12/70 Sold through (75) Phoenix DSO Vin 1F04H130104 According to the title; Last owner; Juan Manuel Chavez, 6415 S 23rd Ave Phoenix Arizona AZ 85401-5300 Title issue date 09/24/2010 Previous Title # AK05007005007 State AZ Issue Date 01/05/2007 Would like to find owner/s from new 11/12/70 to 01/05/2007
  4. I just emailed them. Looking at there prices is just over $500 for a refurb. Not sure what shipping both ways would be but i bet i wouldnt get much change out of $650 rofl I knew going down the concours route was going to be a long and expensive journey but definately worth it when i picture the end result in my mind. :D Trust me, its expensive... and with my being just outside the US of A, I still have to pay all those exuberant gov. fees, duties, $$ exchange, additional shipping costs, etc.... You reach a point where you don't even look at the bills anymore..., I will count it up when I am all done. Yeah...Shipping costs plus 20% VAT plus 5% Import duty. The tax is also paid on the shipping costs. I made the decision not to bother looking at how much parts cost. If i need a part i need it and the cost does not matter as long as the car is concours when i am done. I ordered some sample material from SMS and now i can already see in my mind the interior finish and i seen pictures of a Grabber Lime. Its that picture in my mind that drives the restoration and my wallet. ::thumb:: Great pictures you posted :coolphotos:
  5. So the most powerful engine fitted at Dearborn in a Mach 1 would have been a 429 4bl? And did that have option of auto transmission?
  6. I will check them out if they got a website. lol How did we get on with it before the internet :huh:
  7. I just emailed them. Looking at there prices is just over $500 for a refurb. Not sure what shipping both ways would be but i bet i wouldnt get much change out of $650 rofl I knew going down the concours route was going to be a long and expensive journey but definately worth it when i picture the end result in my mind. :D
  8. I am new to American cars so my network of owners is limited. I am sure as time goes by i will build up my network of owners here in the U.K. Once my car finally becomes legal to drive i will be joining other American car owners that meet up once a month for a run out. I wish you luck and good times ahead. I'm sure there are Mustang clubs in the UK. A Google search might help. Going back to fixing your problem, someone mentioned an LED circuit board that uses the back-up lamp for both turn and back-up. That sounds like a plan to me. Actually I saw my very first Mach 1 Mustang in Birmingham in 1972 and fell in love! It was Grabber Lime, black interior, black hockey stripes, nasa hood and spoilers...... freakin awesome...... and still my dream car. I have owned 4 Mach 1's, but not the Grabber Lime... YET!! (could have painted my current car, till I found the history on it) All the best of British, Geoff. I ordered the circuitboard yesterday and it arrived today!!!!!!! Now thats service :D Yeah mine WAS Grabber Lime till someone painted it. I am looking forward to stripping back to bare metal and bringing it back to factory Grabber Lime. Though my interior is 4R Green and a Grande i am sure when it gets done it will be stunning with the White vinyl roof. I will be sure to post pictures when work finally starts on it
  9. These people do refurb on rimblow wheels. Not sure if they are right for what i need; http://www.therimblowbuddy.com/
  10. SMS Auto Fabrics are doing my door panels as a special order. My dash does need doing but there are far too many large cracks and holes to make it viable as a recover. I have emailed dashesdirect.com for a quote on a full restoration. It taking me a lot of research and worthwhile effort hunting down people that will deal with a Deluxe green interior. At least i know to steer clear of certain colors on the next car(If this one ever gets finished!!)
  11. I found a steering wheel on Ebay. On the whole it looks to be in good condition. There are a few marks where it has been held whilst the owner has used it. Can you tell me if these marks can be taken out and if so the best way to tackle it. Heres the link to the wheel which has some good close-up shots; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262504176944?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Theres also a horn pad from a differant seller. So my question for this item is the same as the ones above; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/301812616181?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and its a shame about these woodgrain door inserts. Theres a very small piece of the woodgrain missing(last picture) otherwise these could have been perfect with the black paint re-done;
  12. Yeah a sad sad day. Its seems the color of your skin or your religious beliefs or jealousy and greed play the biggest role in too many people today. I don't think there is one size fits all solution due to the complex nature of the homo sapien. How can the cleverest of animals be so hell bent on violence and with some radicals wanting the annihilation of the species
  13. Does this upgrade make a differance to fuel consumption? Not looking to change my set up in my present car but would consider doing it to the next one.
  14. I am new to American cars so my network of owners is limited. I am sure as time goes by i will build up my network of owners here in the U.K. Once my car finally becomes legal to drive i will be joining other American car owners that meet up once a month for a run out.
  15. How many official Ford dealerships originlly sold new fords and how many of the original Ford dealerships are still trading today?
  16. 7/7/2005 Britain, like America on 9/11, sufferd its worst terrorist attack. By no means on the same scale as the attrocity in America but still as devastating to those caught up in the four seperate suicide bombs at four differant london transport sites. On a day like today i always wonder why and how fortunate i am to be alive and how valuable life is. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/uk/05/london_blasts/what_happened/html/
  17. Heres a link to road tax costs across differant vehicles. The size of engine no longer defines the amount of road tax you pay. Road tax is now based on the amount of pollution your vehicle emits as well as engine size. The pollution is based on tests done when a manufacturer makes the vehicle it is classified into a catagory of CO2. So years down the line the vehicle makes more CO2 but will not fall into a differant catagory. All electric cars are tax exempt You will see tax discs are no longer issued. Most police cars are now fitted with A.N.P.R, Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Driving License, Road tax, M.O.T & Insurance are all stored on a central database which the police have full access. If a car passes a police car a system will read number plate of passing vehicles and a alarm will sound in the police car if a car does not have one or more of the following; M.O.T, Tax, Insurance, Driver has a license. Failure to have all four up to date will result in your car being towed away and impounded. If you do not pay the fees for release and produce up to date documents your car will be crushed. It is virtually impossible to drive illegally in the U.K today. http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/car-buyers-guide/cbg_roadtax.html
  18. There is no law that states you have to have running lights on during daylight hours if your car was built before running lights were fitted as standard when the car was manufactured. The definition of a "Classic Car" in the U.K is a vehicle built more than 40 years ago( Classic Car defined in law for the purpose of road tax exemption). Therefore the law in the U.K encompasses modern cars as well as classic cars where running lights are defined. The following statement has been copied from The AA website. As you will see below daylight running lights are slightly differant to the sidelights on older vehicles. The laws set out below are European laws which apply in the U.K. "European legislation adopted in 2008 required dedicated daytime running lights (DRL) to be fitted to all new 'types' of passenger cars and small delivery vans since February 2011. Trucks and buses followed from August 2012". "This does not mean that every new car first registered after February 2011 will have DRL fitted. The requirement only applies to models that go through the European whole vehicle type approval process after that date i.e. new or substantially facelifted models". "There is no requirement to retro-fit DRLs to existing cars and no Europe-wide requirement for drivers of cars without daytime running lights to drive with headlights on during the day". "Daytime running lights must be bright enough that they can be seen clearly in daylight and as a result are too bright to be used at night time when they would cause dazzle. Daytime running lights should therefore go off automatically when headlights or sidelights are switched on". "Daytime running lights don't have to be separate lights - some car manufacturers combine them with the front position lamps (side lights) in which case the daytime running lights will dim when the headlights are turned on". "If daytime running lights are located very close to indicator lights then the DRL on the appropriate side of the vehicle must turn off while the indicator is operating to avoid masking its signal". http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/safety/daytime-running-lights.html
  19. You can also order a extra door plate with report. I ordered top report and got email after a few days and the framed items will be posted out to me. Theres a door plate along with other items in the frame. My original door plate had paint code erased as my car had a color change so ordering extra door plate means i get replacement for the car and keep the one in the frame.
  20. Yeah when i ordered my new Nissan i had many options to choose from. If memory serves me correctly there were around 30+ differant options which included interior, wheels, engine, transmission, 2 or 4 wheel drive, differant color bolt on pieces externally, differant color combination panels and more options i can't remember off the top of my head. After i placed the order i got a email about a week before the build started and was given the option to personalise my build. I still think if you wanted a Mach 1 sportsroof you should of only been able to have the option of highest powered engine ONLY. Then everything else as a option. That makes sense to me. Just the name "Mach 1" is the terminology used predominatley by pilots for the speed of sound. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach_number
  21. Vermont does not issue titles for cars over 15 years old nor do they require them to register, just a bill of sale. Some other states are the same. Really limits who we can sell to if an out of state buyer requires a title for their state. Importing into the U.K is very easy. However try and register the vehicle without a title and its close to impossible. It can be done BUT its a very long drawn out process that have ruined many peoples dream of owning and restoring a American car. :shootself:
  22. Can anyone tell me why Ford offered a 2V Engine on the Mach 1. :huh: Being new to 71-73 Mustangs my observation of the specific Mach 1 brand is it looks like a sportier version of the Grande. Add to that the word "Sportsroof" is included in Ford's description of the brand, Mach 1. So with that in mind why use the less powerful 2V version of the engines. Surely a 4V Engine should have been standard spec for this brand. :chin:
  23. Happy Birthday Ransley :bravo:
  24. Ordered some new rear indicators so i can be legal here in the U.K. Reverse lights are also indicators with three simple wires.
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