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  1. Tonight at 8PM on Top Gear one of the 1960's Mustang is featured. If you live outside the U.K and can't get access to the show you will be able to watch it online using the BBC Iplayer 24 hours after it has been shown on air. http://www.topgear.com/car-news/top-gear-tv/weeks-tg-tv-ford-mustang-and-new-honda-nsx#7 http://www.topgear.com/car-news/top-gear-tv/weeks-tg-tv-ford-mustang-and-new-honda-nsx#6 http://www.topgear.com/car-news/top-gear-tv/weeks-tg-tv-ford-mustang-and-new-honda-nsx#1
  2. Just had a couple of days at the ceremony marking 100th anniversary of the first day of the battle of the Somme. It was on this fateful day that 19,000 British soldiers lost their lives. It was the blackest day in British military history. Honoured by British Guardsmen, French troops and attended By the future king of England prince Charles, prince William, Prince Harry, the British and French Prime minister and other dignitaries. Plus picture of my son with his wreath. Avery emotional day
  3. As soon as they arrive i will post lots of pictures so you all can make your own mind up. SMS, from what i've learned, are a large reputable company so i have confidence in the outcome. One thing for sure they go to great lengths to manufacture correct vinyl/cloth for Grande seats so thats where the confidence comes from ::thumb::
  4. 161 photos is impressive and a valuable library for reference
  5. You guys are invaluable and so sharing. Thank You to everyone for your imput. At the moment i know very little but i am sure i will soon learn with everyones help and finding some confidence within myself.
  6. The SMS samples came and they look perfect.::thumb:: :thankyouyellow: I have literally just recieved a email from SMS. Doug at SMS asked for a picture of my door cards so i sent the pictures and he has mailed me back and HE HAS AGREED TO MAKE MY PANELS AS A ONE OFF CUSTOM ORDER :D:D:D:D:D I told Doug i was a member of this site and other members were after the same level of restoration as me. So if anyone else wants to approach SMS I am sure you will have some luck.
  7. Did you see how long its been in the U.K? Since new virtually Mustangs always fetch top dollar in the U.K. That car is below average for U.K prices. We definately get stitched up on prices. I am sure if someone stateside was to team up with someone in the U.K. there would be good money to be made. This could only help improve the collections of the U.K/US partnership. The parts could be put inside the car when shipped to be worked on here or brought up to roadworthiness in the U.S. Parts are the killer here
  8. Great Idea. Happy to oblige ::thumb:: :goodpost: Pegleg......Steve
  9. ::thumb::::thumb::::thumb::::thumb::::thumb::::thumb::::thumb::::thumb:: They need going to restorer and get creases out then framing with yellow glass to stop sunlight damage
  10. Red with Black interior is a great combination.::thumb:: Love that combination and black with red interior + Red on red + Black on black. One of those combinations will be my next project. :D
  11. Below tinypic you see "New attachment: Browse" Click browse then click add attachment
  12. lollerz Yep the car came with A/C when it left the factory in 1971 It would seem the more people look the more my A/C seems to be missing/terminal rofl I could really do with a diagram with actual pics combined to try and sort this out.
  13. Thank You...Where would the valve fit?
  14. Jeff told me " I think you need a vacuum solenoid on one of the hoses". I was at a show and took some pics of a 1972 Mach 1. One of the hoses has been cut and something added. Is that what jeff was talking about?
  15. Heres a picture of engine bay. Looks like i am missing a few hoses
  16. Thats where my car spent its life. So i would think that the A/C has had excess use and probably does leek.
  17. Yeah its i right bodge up. The deluxe door panels are not available in green. However green is available on standard panels. I emailed a seller on Ebay and he says the door vinyl is differant to seat vinyl. He says door panels go in a 400 degree oven. So im stuck until i can find some used panels
  18. Thank You Tim for explanation and picture with pointers where the hose joins water pump and block. The question i have now is; Where the hose has been cut on my car by the firewall it comes through the other side of firewall, inside the car, to the heater/AC. Right? How easy is it to remove the hose from the heater/AC and attach new hose? How much length of hose will i need and what size bore is the hose?
  19. I wondered which vehicle Ford used them on. They have D70A-1007 FWA & 15"x 6.5" stamped on the back side. ::thumb:: Thanks for info You're right they are not stock. I will keep these on the car so i can get the original wheels restored. Once i get original wheels restored i will get white wall tires and put them on when i take the car to shows. The wheels on the car right now will be used when i take the car out on the road
  20. Whilst i was taking pics i took some close-ups of door cards. They are far worse than i remember!!! Looking at how easy the vinyl has detached i was wondering if anyone had tried to remove vinyl and then put new vinyl on old door cards? Nobody stocks correct color coded panels for 1971 Grande
  21. I took some pictures under the hood. As i know nothing about the Mustang i am in the dark as to what the 2 severed black pipes are and where they are supposed to attach to
  22. So i found some 15" Ford wheels on Ebay for £100. I then purchased some new tires. I have still got to get them cleaned and polished. I still have'nt decided whether i am going to keep them on the car. What's everyones verdict on these? What age are these wheels? I was told 1970's when i bought them
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