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  1. Hi & Welcome from U.K
  2. Thanks for that. I learned some more today and understand VIN a little more :D Only in America.
  3. On my 1971 Grande its polished
  4. I think some of your Luck came my way. I had this reply to my email today "Steve, A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #706556 with the following response: Hi Steve, Thanks for your enquiry. Apologies for the delay with your order. I can confirm that the parts will be arriving within the next 7 days and will forwarded on to you immediately. Many thanks, Jen :bravo:
  5. Maybe it was produced at the time the 69 Qpanels were phased out? If its one of those last crossover designs would that add value?
  6. As far as the leg is concerned i just get on with life. Fortunately its not a important piece of me thats missing. I am still able to think and breathe and use my hands. Life is what you make it. Thank You for all your comments ::thumb::
  7. How do number plates work in the U.S? Sounds like the only way to identify a vehicle is VIN number? Here in the U.K we get a set of number plates which remain with the vehicles for life unless the owner purchases a private number plate. Private number plates are still government issued and you may want your initials to your name as the letters if that makes sense.
  8. My 1971 Grande has no seatbelts and deluxe interior so pictures would be very helpful to me too. Also whether seatbelts came color coded would be very helpful.
  9. Found this Fastback for sale on Ebay. Take a look at Marti report. The paint code states "Special Paint Ford # Unknown". The car is a project and in primer paint so original paint may never be known!!! :huh: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-/191907161905?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2cae8ee731:g:12gAAOSwUuhXcDI-&item=191907161905
  10. Once i got all the bits on the car and get a road safety certificate(M.O.T) i can then register the car in the U.K. The registraion process and issuing of number plates for the car takes 4-6 weeks. I want to try and keep to a schedule. Not a time based schedule but the order in which i tackle the restoration. I was really hoping to get the engine pulled out, stripped down, and gone through to ensure the engine is O.K. The car has done just over 93,000 so thats my main reaon and also to have the block painted back to factory condition. I have had the left leg amputated just below the knee. I have had major issues with nerve pain since the operation. I am due another operation on 12th september and wanted the engine done before then as i will not be able to wear my prosthetic leg for 3 months(December) and then have to wait another 6 weeks before another one is cast and made for me( Mid January). So it now looks likely that i won't be able to get stuck into the restoration until January next year. The upside to the delay is once the engine is out i will have the money in place to pay for a bare metal respray so i will only have to pull the engine out once.
  11. Just wanted a rant at retailers who promise something and let you down. my items were supposed to take 2-3 weeks to import. I ordered battery tray and apron 23rd of last month and it still hasn't arrived let alone fitted on to the car. If i had of known the real time frame i would have ordered direct from one of the suppliers in the U.S mtself. I can deal with not being able to find a part i need and waiting for it to be for sale somewhere.
  12. Then my search focus should be Nevada. Thats where the last one came from
  13. For me as long as the body is solid and the motor is serviceable i am happy to take a project on. What price would a fastback come in at average
  14. The prices in "Cars 4 Sale" seem cheap? Or are unscrupulous inporters into the U.K vastly inflating prices? Is it possible to pick up cheap fastbacks needing full restoration?
  15. I see this explained in a reply to this thread and i get that now. What I want to know is why people want certain codes above others? Why the massive fluctuation in costs when buying differant codes?
  16. Those seats look really good. Its good to see the rear seats. I find myself as well as others guilty of just discussing front seats. I will take your advice and order seat foam from TMI. What is under the rear seat covers? There must be some kind of padding as i never seen foam advertised? As for fitting the covers; I will leave that job to my cousin. He does that job for a living. He works at a company that produces seats for all the high end cars. I am a great believer in if a jobs worth doung give it 100% or don't bother your ass. If your not competent at something work at it till you are and find someone that can do the job till your good enough. Do we ever stop learning as a species
  17. The only issue with buying a used set is when i use new vinyl on the seats the match will not be 100%. The only way is to find a donor car with a perfect interior. I don't think thats possible as the sun has a bleaching effect on the vinyl over 40+ years. I realise the restoration is a long haul project and things will be tough along the road. I am still waiting for parts from the U.S after a month. Parts to get the car roadworthy so i can get a M.O.T. Without a M.O.T i can't even register the car or drive it on British roads. For myself this site is more than coversing with like minded people who are more than willing to share a wealth of knowledge. The most important thing about belonging to this community, as a British owner, is the networking which helps find the right people to help source the right parts. Thats going to save me months in my quest. So, A BIG Thank You to all those that have imput valueable information in the short time i have been a member here.
  18. I found this one on Ebay. It has the facility for a clock. Would this style have been fitted to a 1971 Grande? http://www.ebay.com/itm/162102189942?item=162102189942&viewitem=&vxp=mtr
  19. I checked your album on facebook!!!! You definately got more devotion than me. I thought i had a tough time ahead but my metalwork is solid so i see my resto as a easy job in comparison
  20. Thanks for your response. I have emailed TMI and asked them if they will make seat covers for me with material provided by SMS. I have also asked them if they will manufacture the correct color door cards for me with SMS vinyl and carpet. As you say it will be expensive. Its a one time outlay with the intension of a concours finish. So costs should never come into it if you want it right.
  21. So was the console manufactured in a green plastic or was it metal and painted green?
  22. Needs lots of work but worth it? Lots of new parts with the car http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Mach-I-/172242957891?forcerrptr=true&hash=item281a7af643:g:~mIAAOSwtJZXWLtg&item=172242957891
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