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  1. Great reference picture. Thank You. Will try and find original green one as i want a concours finish
  2. My centre console is missing. If you look at the picture below you will see the carpet has a darker strip just around the shifter bezel. Can anyone post a picture of the correct console that should of been there. I also need to know if the console was color coded to match the green 4R interior
  3. On the advice of another member i ordered some samples from SMS. They can supply me with pre-made headliner, carpet, and vinyl roof. They can also provide vinyl and fabric to enable me to get the seat covers made. So here are the things i need help with; My seats are so far gone i dont think i can get a good enough example to take to the upholsterer. SMS do not make deluxe door cards so i need a supplier that will supply the deluxe door cards without any vinyl covering. Is the floor carpet the same as the piece that attaches to the bottom of the deluxe door card?
  4. I think a white vinyl roof is going to really set off the green. Was also pleased to see the car came with tinted glass complete(even though i got to replace all the glass!!!!)
  5. Samples ordered. Although my car shows in the picture thats its exterior is blue thats not the colour it was originally. I am sure when i recieve my Marti report it will state the original exterior color as bright lime as it is inside the trunk lid inside between the gaps and same on the underside of the hood between the gaps. I am lookig forward to stripping it right back to bare metal and bringing back that bright shiney lime!!!
  6. Thanks for replies. Was looking for concours interior seat material.
  7. I checked the door plate and it says 4R trim. Thats blue vinyl and cloth trim. So i am not sure if its houndstooth. Anyone have any idea? If its not houndstooth can i can exact reproduction for the purpose of councours
  8. The car WAS in a wreckers yard in the U.K. I did try to purchase it but i was too late!!!!!
  9. I can find ginger houndstooth http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1973-Ford-Mustang-Grande-Front-Seat-Upholstery-Ginger-Brown-Tan-HT-Cloth-/371305287449?hash=item5673850f19:g:zAIAAOSwPgxVLTMd&vxp=mtr My color is blue. Is this very very overpriced cloth correct for 1971? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GM-Chevrolet-Camaro-Houndstooth-Seat-material-Mustang-Ford-Mercury-Lincoln-/301796554005
  10. The caps look to be the same as mine. My wheels are 14". I don't have trim rings just the centre caps. Mine have "Ford Motor Company" on them if memory serves me correct. Mine are in the trunk at the moment. Will dig them out when the car comes back from mechanic and post some pics. I found some Ford turbine alloy wheels from 1970's which are now on the car so the caps will not be going back on the car.
  11. Can anyone tell me where i can send my two spoke steering wheel to get plastic/resin recoated to match the green it was when brand new. Reproductions only come in black so not a option. Aftermarket is not what i am looking for.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Pegleg/Steve and live in the U.K I have recently purchased a 1971 Mustang Grande 351c 2v 5.8L. The car was purchased here in the U.K from a car dealer/importer. The car has lived its life in Nevada. The upside is a rust free car apart from battery tray and apron i assume from battery leeks over the years. The downside to a life in Nevada is all perishable items like rubber and cloth have all but disintegrated. On the whole i would prefer a solid body and have to do the easy stuff like rubber and cloth replacement. My Plan is long term; 1. Make the car road worthy and get the car M.O.T.'d-Road worthy 2. Register the car here in the U.K 3. Strip the engine and get everything tight again 4. Body off frame. Respray to body and powdercoat chassis 5. All new nuts and bolts, all new bolt on pieces to top of car 6. All new pieces to underside of the car Resulting in concours finish.
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