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  1. Its a pet imitator. It basically records your animals bark or meow and then plays it back on a loop to drive your pet mental and your mother-in-law wont come near the house. Prevents your house getting broken into too as the would-be thief wont dare try it with a mad pet on the premises.
  2. Thank You for your feedback. The other thing i noticed on your car is the spring perches are grey or silver and not black. I am trying to stay true to original but as you know origial parts/NOS are expensive. Where i can restore i am. Where there is repop that looks same i will use. The judging here in UK is nowhere near the standard you guys have to come up to. I will make changes based on your pictures now i have a true reference to work with ::thumb:: How did you get the right shade for those painted stripes yellow, green, pink, red?
  3. Vinnie when you remove the nuts you will probably find the soft rubber washers behind are either hard as plastic or disintegrated. AMK do the bolts and rubber washers
  4. I just took delivery of my new package tray. Not going to be fitting it for a while so i cant give feedback on how it will fit. I can say that it does come in green which is a miracle in itself. The shelf comes flat but has 3 grooves along the length to enable it to bend in behind the rubber around the window
  5. You going to have to wear sunglasses when you approach the car. Fantastic finish. When you coming to do my paintwork
  6. Great storey Steve. I see by the picture Don C posted the Starliner is also sex on wheels. Maybe worth serious consideration after the Mustang has been restored.
  7. I have heard the phrase flathead on earlier Fords. Is it the same as the Ford flatheads? I did hear that Buick were more prone to rust which is why i stayed clear of them. That bubble top is definately designed at a time when the space age was getting into top gear for the Americans. The dash in that Buick is awesome. The back windshield reminds me of the cars and vehicles on the Gerry Anderson puppeteer show. Its a car thats differant like the Buick boat tail another rust bucket. Neither are muscle cars but designed to be differant and stand out
  8. The shop that sold me the pump are going to be doing all the work. If anything goes wrong they are liable :D
  9. Found this 1961 LeSabre Bubble Top. What a beautiful car this is :P Very Tempted :D Even though i havent a clue what a nail head is :shootself: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-LeSabre-BUBBLE-TOP-364-V8-NAILHEAD-CALIFORNIA-CAR/273550741265?hash=item3fb0e50f11:g:ngwAAOSwIbtb5L2c
  10. Cant beat fresh metal :D They will look great when fitted :D Be good to see them installed. Keep us updated
  11. It transpires the fluid around the power steering box was fluid that had run back from the pump when i was driving the car. Its been cleaned off and it has stayed clean. Looks like the issue was a faulty flow control valve in the brand new steering pump which erupts from the filler tube. Now the issue has been identified i can get it rectified and move on the the carb issue and the gearbox leak where the selector shaft goes in Ok so all good then with the PS box. It's always something else needs fixing on these car, but then that's the fun of owning such a classic. Good luck with parts in the future, Geoff. Thank You :D What is the difference in the differant Saginaw power steering boxes. While i was looking there seems to be differant letters after "SPA" Saginaw SPA-T/S/A/U
  12. You have done wonders David. I just hope i have the same fire in my belly when i reach your age. By the sound of things its just the easy bits inside to finish it up. I am sure you will make your deadline for sure
  13. Here in the UK i was quoted £300 which equates to around $400 Your life depends on brakes and steering. If you are not confident with your ability to repair or rebuild these parts, pay someone who is competent to do that work. Trouble is finding someone competent!! That's why I learned how to do it myself...….. and I'm still alive! As for your PS box, if it is not leaking, usually on the sector shaft seal, and you do not have more than 1" free play on the steering wheel, I'd say leave it alone. At least for now. If it is leaking or the free play is excessive, you're sawing on the wheel just to keep the car going straight, then time to rebuild it. Hope you get the pump issue sorted. That's the one thing I have not had to play with yet. The clown who f'd up my PS box, actually did a good job on the pump. Geoff. It transpires the fluid around the power steering box was fluid that had run back from the pump when i was driving the car. Its been cleaned off and it has stayed clean. Looks like the issue was a faulty flow control valve in the brand new steering pump which erupts from the filler tube. Now the issue has been identified i can get it rectified and move on the the carb issue and the gearbox leak where the selector shaft goes in
  14. Its been a while since i updated my build thread. I have posted jobs i have completed elsewhere but wanted to keep it all together Engine bay is 95% there. Theres just some parts to re-visit Although originally had a single exhaust i wanted to let the engine breath a little more so i added a twin exhaust. The car sounds far far better now The brake spring has to tackled I have to re-visit some of the paintwork because of a brake fluid leak stripped the paint away Blower motor was replaced. A/C-Heater box stripped down and had all the metal parts replated. The heater core was leaking like a sieve so that was replaced and tested before it went back together Heater-A/C box back together with all new seals. Evaporator was tested and found no leaks :D Condensor was tested and had no leaks :D I have all new vacuum motors from Classic Air. I took members advice and had some motors that had been refurbished instead of generic. Everything has now arrived to re-install the A/C. I had brackets from Don :D They are being worked on right now The brackets after a de-grease. The middle bracket looks to be in the best shape for rust The bracket at the top was the middle bracket in previous picture. What i thought had least rust turned out to have the most rust. So glad i got the paint stripper on them. I bought some rust remover. The one i bought is a re-usable one. I have the smallest bracket soaking in the rust remover. It will stay soaking till tomorrow morning when i will zinc plate it. The zinc bath is being primed up today and i will leave a piece of zinc connected to each annode till tomorrow. That should be plenty of time for the bath to be ready to accept, Eve, its first customer I think that just about sums up whats been happening over the autumn/winter period apart from spending spending spending on yet more parts in preparation for this years push to get the car a lot further down the road
  15. You can see on the right hand side where the fluid pipe screws onto there is a nut there which is supposed to unscrew and give you access to the flow control valve. The valve is supposed to come out through there and you can replace the valve.
  16. I bought and fitted a brand new power steering pump. As i stated in another post the fluid keeps erupting when i switch the engine off. I have now found out its a faulty pump. The shop i bought it from tell me it costs more to ship the item back to America then it is worth. The fault with the pump is the flow control valve is not working as it should. The shop said they would order a new flow release valve for me, I am happy with that solution as long as its possible. The shop say that you have to unscrew the fluid pipe from the back of the pump. Then unscrew the nut on the back of the pump where the pipe fits in. You can then remove the faulty valve and put the new one in there. So is this true? The shop are struggling to find replacement online. Does anyone know where the flow control valves are available?
  17. Here in the UK i was quoted £300 which equates to around $400
  18. Yeah it done exactly that earlier today. Pump just gulped it down really fast. I am just happy the issue has been identified and given a solution. Membership of this forum with access to so many wise owners is a privilege especially when i am such a novice.
  19. Its a rampent rabbit vibrator for the discerning lady
  20. I will try that out first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the tip
  21. Many strings to your bow David. I am more a violin man. I just love the sound of a violin. I am sure it touches the soul. I love to play my favourite piece by Jay Ungar Ashokan Farewell. It featured in a well known civil war documentary
  22. Thanks everyone for the imput. I learn more from watching someone preform a task. I know some people learn easier from a book. I suppose its because we are all wired differantly(Thankfully) and thats we learn differantly
  23. I tried that yesterday. Warmed engine for 5 minutes. Turned the steering full lock both ways 20x. Still occurred again this morning. I let it be now and let things settle down. Then tomorrow moring will warm up for 5 minutes again then take for a drive. Check the level with car running then switch off and pray. Hope it is just a airlock and not a valve sticking open or whatever it is opens and closes ;)
  24. I just fitted a new power steering pump. So when i found fluid all over the floor i WRONGLY ASSUMED it was the power steering box leaking :shootself: I have just discovered its the BRAND NEW power steering pump that has a wierd thing going on. When the car is running the power steering pump has NO ISSUES. However, when i switch the engine off the power steering fluid floods forces the dipstick out enough for a volcanic eruption of power steering fluid. The system has not been overfilled any time
  25. My power steering box is leaking and i want to strip and rebuild it myself. Having never done this job before can i call on assistance of members if i need it
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