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  1. The money you save by doing it yourself will pay for the new mig welder. I recommend getting a 220volt machine and not the the 120volt. The 120 will work for sheetmetal but the 220volt machines just plain weld better.
  2. Don at Ohio Mustang Supply. You won’t find a better vendor hands down. CJ’s is a joke.
  3. Too bad you weren’t in the states. I would do the work easy. I enjoy the metal work process on these cars.
  4. Pretty easy and straight forward. It’s easier if you have another set of hands but can be done with floor jack and some good jack stands. Just make sure to support the car well and be safe.
  5. Nice!, I will be doing the same to my car in the future to fit some bigger meats in the back.
  6. No difference in body itself , just a trim package.
  7. Those are getting really hard to find. And people that know what they have charge a premium for them.
  8. I cut my seat pan off the floor and moved it back a couple inches and welded it back down. Much more comfortable. Pretty easy to do if your handy with a welder. The seat extenders can work also if you can fabricate them.
  9. I know alot of body shops and mechanics are crooked. BUT there are alot of good ones out there also!! You just need to do your homework and talk to as many people as you can about who does good work and who does shit work. If a guy quotes you an unbelievable low price and time line, then its probably too good to be true. If he says he can get you in right away, that's a bad sign too. Usually if your a good shop, you have a waiting list. And the old saying "you get what you pay for" is usually very true. I got a sign in my garage "You can have it CHEAP, FAST, and GOOD. Pick 2!" I do alot of
  10. Nice buck David. My son missed one with his bow Saturday. Archery season just started here in PA. Do they allow baiting during the season down there? They don’t allow it in PA. Would make it a lot easier here!! lol.
  11. Awesome progress!!! Looks great. Don't forget to remove the door striker, no one wants a painted striker. Also on the rear tail light panel, there are 8 holes that need to be welded shut as they are for 73 only. I made the same mistake on the yellow mach 1 I did. Someone luckily saw it before it got to paint and I was able to weld them up and reprime that area. Here is a pic of the holes I'm talking about. The shiny spots are where the holes got welded up.
  12. Sounds like you got a plan. Keep us posted!
  13. Nice! That's exactly how I do my butt welds. That way even if you cut the piece not so straight, it doesnt matter because its a perfect match cutting through both pieces. Car is looking great!
  14. Awesome video. Great job so far. Your welder looks to know what he is doing. Very nice clean work. That car is gonna be very nice. One thing I would recommend would be to weld the floor pan patch in flush and not do an overlap. That way no one will ever know the floor pan was patched. It you overlap it anyone looking under the car will be able to spot that seam. Other than that, car is awesome!! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see more progress.
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