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  1. I have had good luck with Krylon Fusion rattle cans. Made for plastic. Sticks really well.
  2. I have a set in my f150 really like them. No curling. I have a set of Husky Liners in my wife's Explorer and they are just as nice if not nicer in my opinion. But i agree with others, give them a call see what they say. Too damn expensive to be curling up like that!
  3. That can be welded if the guy knows what he's doing. Cast can be a bitch to weld but its doable. Depends on the porosity of the casting and how much iron content is in the block. I would pull the motor out of the car. Put it on a dolly or work bench. You need to clean the shit out of the area to be welded and the piece. Need to then heat up the piece and the area to be welded with a torch. I would also grind a taper on the piece and the block. Preheating is your friend with this. Best way would be to tig weld since you can concentrate your heat much better than stick welding. I would use a high content nickel rod. If you cant get it tig welded you can always stick weld it. Same process with cleaning and preheating, but the stick welder is harder to contain the heat. I have had decent luck using a stainless steel rod when stick welding a block. If you take it to someone that knows how to weld good, you shouldn't have any trouble fixing that right up.
  4. Thanks for the info. I am using goggle chrome and my speed is around 25mbps according to speedtest.net. its my work station computer.
  5. Still having trouble getting used to this site. I do like the black.... much better than white background. How do we edit our signature? I went to edit profile but i am not seeing the signature anywhere? Half my signature looks to be cut off. Also when i first try to get to the site it wont load. Have to try 2 or 3 times to get it to load on my desktop computer. All other sites pop right up. Same with sign in screen. When going from one page to another it sometimes takes a couple tries, and i got a message a few times that website was not responding. Hate to be critical but i sure did like the old site. Alot of the pics other people post dont show up or are blank. It freezes up and i have to refresh it to get it to do anything. I still haven't figured out how to post pics yet. Keeps saying they are too big. Frustrated!
  6. Yeah I’m in the same boat. Just not used to it yet. I am on this site multiple times a day on my phone and my desktop. I was really comfortable using the old version. So far I’m not a fan of the new site. I’m sure I will get used to it.
  7. Is there going to be a "view new posts" button like the old site had? How about a dark color scheme? The white kills my eyes .
  8. I can have my motor and trans out together in less than 2 hours.
  9. If the rockers are bad too, then the car probably already is sagging. How are your door gaps?? Once the car starts to sag the rear door gap will be bigger on bottom and smaller on top. You will have some work ahead of you if the rockers are bad, they are the main body structure on a vert.
  10. Just do a little reading on the forum........ CJPP Sucks!!! You will get 0 customer service. Parts on back order for months, they will take your money and you will have a hell of a time getting a refund. To be honest i dont know how they are still in business. If you want good, honest customer service and deal with a great guy order your parts from Ohio Mustang Supply. Don will take care of you and go above and beyond any other vendor out there. He's also a site supporter here.
  11. Go up and jump on interstate 80, head West for about 5 hours and drop your car off at my place. Floor pans are pretty straight forward, but since its a vert they are a little more complicated. I would definitely weld in cross bracing before cutting pans out. Or it could potentially fold up like an accordion on you, depending how bad they are.
  12. That sucks!!!! I have done that many of times. Just in the last 2 years i have been to the eye Dr. 3 times to get metal out of my eye. I wear glasses and a shield alot of times and still manage to get metal in my eyes. If it persists, i would go get it checked. Being it is hot when it hits your eye, alot of times it melts into your eye and the dr has to grind it out. Its not fun. They numb the eye, strap your head still in a weird device and have you look straight ahead while they take a tiny grinder to the hunk of grit or metal. If you dont get it out, your eye will heal over it and trap it in your eye. I was told your eye is one of the fastest healing parts of the body. Good luck.... I know it sucks!
  13. When I do overlap joints, I do not make a continuous bead all the way around the perimeter. Takes forever. I usually punch holes around the perimeter of the replacement panel spaced about an inch or so apart and do plug/rosette welds. Then seam seal the top and bottom seam. The plug welds will be plenty strong. You can keep the fuel line in place. You may want to pull it down slightly so its not resting on the area you are welding.

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