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  1. Keep us posted on the AMX also!!! I like those cars too!
  2. I got my heads from a manufacturer in Australia by the name of AFD. Air Flow Dynamics. I love them. Work really well but as others stated they are not cheap. I believe Roy, Tnfastback, has the same set on his car.
  3. That price is a steal! Paint materials are ridiculous !!
  4. Nice work Mike! At least you know it will be correct. Dropping it in is the easy part.
  5. That's what she said......... But, I hope everything is ok in the motor.
  6. I agree with Don. Drill two holes and use a piece of black iron pipe for a sleeve. Weld it in place and run your lines were you want. Would be a nice clean look.
  7. So it is missing the welded bracket? I would need to find one of those too then.... mine is toast.
  8. I was wondering why the driver side one is missing the headlight bucket mount. I thought those were spot welded to the fender and the bucket bolts to that?? Driver side looks like is completely missing the mount. Or am I just seeing shit? This guy has some other parts he wants to sell too but I don't want to drive a couple hours if the fender isn't correct.
  9. Thanks Hemi! I was thinking the opposite since the decal is 73. Well at least I can buy the driver side.
  10. Hey guys just wanted to ask if there is an easy way to tell a 71/72 fender from a 73? I have been looking for fenders for my 71 and came across a set on Facebook marketplace. The ad says 71 but the decals are from a 73. Can anyone identify these just by the 2 pics??
  11. In butt welds I never leave any pin holes. If I find any pin holes after grinding flush, I mark them with a sharpie then go back over and hit them with welder again. Grind back down and recheck. I don’t trust filler to fill them because most filler and primer is porous and can attract moisture. If moisture is under your paint you are asking for a bubble later. If the pinhole is in a lap joint or a seam that is getting sealed with seam sealer I don’t worry about it.
  12. It’s Omni Epoxy Primer. Holds up well and has a nice satin sheen.
  13. FINALLY!!! It’s done!! Brought it home from alignment shop tonight. Drove great. Ran good. Got it all cleaned up and ready to go home. The owner is going to come this weekend to pick it up. Another one out the door.
  14. Not mine. Just found looking on Craigslist. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pts/d/maple-park-1971-nos-mustang-fb-4-panels/7389929602.html
  15. Plan is to start tearing into it this winter.
  16. Got the car loaded up and dropped off at the alignment shop. I should be picking it up this evening and taking it to my buddys shop to reinstall the exhaust and button up a few odds and ends. Then back to my garage to clean it up and give back to owner. We are close now!! FINALLY!!
  17. That sucks. But it is easy to do with our Clevelands. I would say as long as the head isn't cracked or anything, you can replace the guide and seat and be OK. Just be sure to replace those valves with good quality aftermarket valves. I went with Ferrea on mine.
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