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  1. 59 minutes ago, Hemikiller said:

    Take a look at the picture I posted two posts above yours. Once you see them side by side, it's really obviouse. 

    turtle - those brackets come off really easily. I've parted several cars that the bracket had completely separated from the fender. 

    So it is missing the welded bracket?  I would need to find one of those too then.... mine is toast.  

  2. I was wondering why the driver side one is missing the headlight bucket mount. I thought those were spot welded to the fender and the bucket bolts to that?? Driver side looks like is completely missing the mount.  Or am I just seeing shit?  This guy has some other parts he wants to sell too but I don't want to drive a couple hours if the fender isn't correct. 

  3. In butt welds I never leave any pin holes. If I find any pin holes after grinding flush, I mark them with a sharpie then go back over and hit them with welder again. Grind back down and recheck.  I don’t trust filler to fill them because most filler and primer is porous and can attract moisture.  If moisture is under your paint you are asking for a bubble later.  
    If the pinhole is in a lap joint or a seam that is getting sealed with seam sealer I don’t worry about it.  

  4. 28 minutes ago, clevelandcoupe said:

    Actually my car has never had a hood and I have been caught in the rain more times that I can count.... It has never stopped running, ever...

    Thanks, Jay

    Coupe 1930.jpg

    Nice ride Jay!!! 

  5. Got the car loaded up and dropped off at the alignment shop. I should be picking it up this evening and taking it to my buddys shop to reinstall the exhaust and button up a few odds and ends. Then back to my garage to clean it up and give back to owner.  We are close now!! FINALLY!! 47F010D4-244E-409C-816F-B80ADC4667CB.thumb.jpeg.4fc6c63c8e6a7b1d30b6e90bdf4b1063.jpeg

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