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  1. Welcome. Sounds like a nice car. How did the granada brake swap go? I have a granada sitting here that i am planning on taking the spindles and brakes off of for my 71 mach 1. Kevin
  2. I had a local driveshaft shop shorten my driveshaft for me when i put in an 8.8 disc brake rearend and it ran around $100. pretty easy to do and not too expensive. Kevin
  3. Where did you get all your front end parts? I am in the process of doing mine really soon. Also adding front discs off a 78 granada. If you dont mind me asking what did the front end kit cost you and what was included? Thanks Kevin
  4. My buddy used that stuff and he loved it. said it made a huge difference in road noise and heat. He said it was easy to spray too.
  5. I modified my seat tracks so they were mounted 3 inches back by hacking up an old set of sliders and adding 3 inches to the track of my good sliders. I welded 3 inch extensions on and cut off the mounting tabs and relocated them so the whole assembly sits back now and is still adjustable.
  6. i used eastwoods sound deadner. Its really nice stuff and one kit is enough to do the intire floor pans. for about 150 bucks. its about 1/8 inch thick and is silver metal on one side and rubber sticky backing on the other side. Just peel the backing and stick it where you want and roll it in with a roller. conforms to compound curves very nicely and looks great when done. I have glasspacks on my car with headers and it cut the noise down dramatically and my feet used to cook when on long trips. But since i put that down my feet are nice and cool. Great product highly reconmend. Kevin
  7. Yes I did tell him about the site and he seemed pretty interested. He said he has heard about the site but isn't online much but said he will check it out. So we will see if he drops by and signs up. Hope he does
  8. Sold the parts car. So it did go to a good home with only a few things sold off of it. I got the parts I needed from it and a guy stopped the other day and bought the whole car. He has 2 other 71's that he is trying to make into one car. So he was very happy to find this one. So it will be back on the road again in the future.
  9. I was always told you only need enough octane to quench detonation. Any more is kind of a waste. But it does smell really good. Sunoco by my house sells 114 octane for the dirt bike race track down the road and I splurged and put 5 gal on my tank. Close to $8 / gal. Didn't notice much of a change but did have great smell the next few tankfuls.
  10. I called and left a message asking about the price but did not recieve a return call yet. if i hear anything i will let you guys know. But it is a really nice ride super solid and well optioned.
  11. forsale.bmpforsale2.bmp I was on my way home from work today and saw this 1972 mach 1 for sale in a guys yard in Midland PA. It didnt have any info on it except for the phone number. I called the number and did not get an answer but i left a message hoping to find out the price. Its a really clean nice mach. Looks like a little older restoration but really nice and alot original. I beleive its a H code car. I think the vin started 2f05hXXXXX. It has a four speed with a 351 4 v cleveland that looks almost completely original, Distributor is not stock but motor looks reallly nice. Has the functional ram air. Look like rims are the older torq thrust d's. Im really curious how much it is cause its a sharp car. Interior is nice but one seat did have a small tear. Does not have the long console inside. So if anyone is interested the number on the car was 412-780-7837 This is a reallt nice car worth checking out. i looked under it and the floor pans looked great as did the shock towers and everything under the hood.
  12. Ya its nice on the top but on the inner fenders i found alot of rot. under battery tray is gone. Front frame rails are rough with alot of patch work done already. floor pans have holes trunk is rusty but not through. Its definately a decent car but the guy didnt have a title and i didnt know what all i had to do to get one. He bought it at an estate sale. i needed some parts off it that I have been needing for a long time and the price was right . so i couldnt pass it up. Hopeing to partout alot of it to good homes. I hate to see it that way too but alot of people have been interested in it and its only been up for about 24 hrs on craigslist. So hopefully alot of parts go to future projects. ...... By the way does anyone know what kind of wheels these are?? two were on the car and found 2 in the trunk. Not sure if there were stock or aftermarket? Thanks everyone, Kevin 15.bmp
  13. Ya thats mine. Boy you guys are always on top of these CL ads and ebay ads. Thats good to know. I have had a ton of calls and emails about parts. Everyone wants side mirrors, hood and spoiler on trunk! Im working all weekend so its tough to help guys out that want to come look at stuff. But im gonna be off by 5 tomorrow so hopefully some of them can come then.
  14. Well that really sucks. O well still have lots of parts on the car i can use. I saw that link for the imposters but this one didnt have 8 bolt holes it only had the 4 but it does match those numbers. why dont my pictures come up like everyone elses??? am i doing something wrong when i post?
  15. 6.bmp7.bmp8.bmp9.bmp12.bmp13.bmp11.bmp16.bmpOk finally got it home tonite. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Happy to see that toploader between the framerails.!! Got looking at the tag and here is how it reads ... top line says RUG BP HH bottom line says D&DR AA 0972.. I dont know what all it means but it is a top loader 4 speed from what i can tell.. The hood fenders doors and trunk all look to be in nice shape. Doors have some surface rust at bottoms inside but nothing that is major or through. Here are some pics of the new ride. let me know what you guys think..
  16. I will do my best. Leaving about 9 am to go get it. Hopeing to be home by 6 pm or so and get some pics and try and post them up for you guys. Like I said before I have to strip this thing down pretty quick and get it out of here to keep the wife happy. So anything you guys need even little stuff let me know. I will take any pics that i can that you ask for. I didnt get to see the interior yet but he claims its in good shape and its black, same as mine. So hopefully i can use some of the stuff. Would be great if it had the deluxe interior. Might be a good chance since it is a grande. Even though its a parts car for me Im pretty damn excited!! Always fun to go out and get some new toy! Well wish me luck and I will post up what i find when i get home tomorrow. Thanks everyone. Kevin
  17. Thanks tnfastbk. I talked to him last nite and he made a mistake he said its a borg warner 4 speed wide ratio out of a 72 mustang. He has a nova and some chevelle parts listed on CL too and got them mixed up. But I am heading out Thursday to pick it up and bring her home.
  18. Well the guy told me it was originally an auto car but the previous owner swapped the 4 speed in. He said its a saganaw wide ratio. Any good?? That is a chevy tranny:huh: Thats what he told me he thought it was but he did say that the tranny and clutch pedal assembly came out of a 72 mustang. Guess i wont know till i go look at it. Any numbers that will identify it for me for sure?
  19. Well the guy told me it was originally an auto car but the previous owner swapped the 4 speed in. He said its a saganaw wide ratio. Any good??
  20. Thats what i thought. But he claims its the original tanny to the car. If it still has the door tag info would i be able to check the trans code on it? What would the letter be for a four speed on the door sticker?
  21. The four sped stuff is gold around here so, get it and hang on to it if nothing else. He sent me some pics of it tonite and it looks really solid. looks like the bellhousing is the only thing missing off the tranny. How much do these trannys usually go for?
  22. Ya it is a four speed car, but thats mainly what i want it for. But i have a pile of work done to my c4 and just put in a B&M 3000 stall converter. Good shift kit and clutches in it. So i kinda hate to take it out but would really love a four speed in there. Decisions decisions!!
  23. I am in the process of getting a 71 Grande from a guy for parts. He does not have a title for it and no motor but i believe everything else is there. If i get this thing this week i will probably get the parts i need off and then part it out. I will have to part it out quick because the wife doent like all my cars sitting around too long :P So to just give you guys a heads up if anyone is looking for parts. Let me know and if i get the car this week I can get back to you and let you know if i have the parts you need! Thanks Kevin
  24. [Mine is on my door at a slight slant too. About the same position but it is definately a little slanted. Kevin
  25. Where were those pics taken?? Is that the stadium right beside Lehigh Specialty Melting? The big steel mill?? I work out there about 1 week a month and it looks familiar.
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