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  1. turtle5353's post in Pypes exhaust question? was marked as the answer   
    Some people have had good luck with the pypes kit but I could not get mine to fit for shit.  If you have a local custom exhaust shop near you, I would highly recommend going to them and have them install a custom exhaust for you.  I did that on 2 Mach 1's  so far and I am really pleased how it came out.  It cost me about $100-150 more than the pypes kit, but I didn't have to do anything but drop the car off and pick it back up. Also they welded the joints instead of having 10 clamps all through the system. I also went with the X-pipe because that's what the gentlemen recommended at the shop. He used Flowmaster FX series mufflers and 2 1/2" stainless. 
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