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    72 sport roof R code waiting to be finished. 67 and 69 shelby's are ahead of it.


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    Gig harbor Wa
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  1. Yes, i will take it. How much is the total?
  2. What are these cans worth?
  3. Yup, there goes Dave again.....smoking some funny stuff and trying to convince all of us that CS was a loser. Sell it somewhere else, will ya?? If you didn't read the topic, it says what is your dream car, not who is the biggest loser.
  4. Danoh, your inbox is full. I would like an R coded email. Cheers Rob
  5. Funny, I know the relatives of the widow. I was also trying to work a deal. Just too far away. Congrats!
  6. Could you post a few pics of your R codes? Particularly your 72. What is the VIN? Mine is 2F02R175496.
  7. Kit car?? Yea, uh NO!! 75 308 GTP. Now has a 4 cam V8 with turbo AND nitrous!! Built by the legendary Shelby engine builder/tuner/fabricator Gordon Chance aka "the teenage tuner" he did several modifications to the car. He says it would keep up with a GT40 now. I don't doubt it.
  8. Recently bought my all time dream car. ERA GT40 with a 408 small block with a ZF 5 speed.
  9. You mean one like this?? Not mine. But It belongs to a friend. image hosting
  10. Welcome from a former Phoenician? 21 years with the city of Phx. Now in the Pacific northwest!
  11. I did some digging in my stash and found 6 of the 10 pieces. PM me if you are interested.
  12. If you still need one, I have one stashed away somewherr
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