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    1971 Machone 351 c 4v concours, Been on/off resto since 1998 ,motor currently ready to be oil primed and test start , most of metal work done with original panels from new mexico. Need a battery bolt securing question answered


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    United States
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  1. Hey first time poster ,long time reader. Midlife if you see this , can you explain how to remove resistance wire from fuse panel(16B). Im replacing fried wire and dont want to damage the harness or fuse panel. I cant find a step by step for our cars at alll btw 1971 concours m code machone. thanks for any help peter
  2. Hey all Numbers matching 1971 Machone fastback "M" code , staggered suspension, full resto ,concours driven{as they should be}, Grabber green -metallic , standard interior.{shes being painted now after 20 year resto Peter
  3. it does help,,,,guess ill be doing some metal work,lol does anyone know if this support it sold as a reproduction?
  4. 1971 Machone fastback Im trying to find out how the bolts secure to the fender apron for the battery tray bolts, I know the top secures with a press in nut on apron and the support bolt on bottom to the clip, but how do the bolts that go through the tray (under the battery) secure to the fender apron. I had no apron left on my car when i bought it and the NOS replacement I have and already welded in does have nuts in the area. Im going concours and this is one thing I cant find info on. Any help is appreciated Peter
  5. Thank you all for the welcome words Peter
  6. 12000 original,,,nice 73000 original here and all metal and parts were and are NOS or from rust free cars
  7. So i did replace the whole apron on same repair,but I dont know where the small plate with the welded nuts for the battery tray went or if i even had it to begin with.... Does anyone have a tip and or some pics of what to do to weld in a replacement for the two bolts that bolt from the top down on tray,,,,Thanks Peter
  8. new poster ,longtime fan,,,,1971 machone grabber green metallic concours correct 351c 4v ,waiting to be oil primed tmw, stock rebuild, need concours answers for odd questions Hello all
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