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  1. Thanks for looking if you find one just let me know a price plus shipping to st Louis MO .If you don't mind could you send me a email to effan2@gmail.com thanks
  2. This what the crank damper and correct HO pulley look like. You could use a standard 2 or 3 Groove pulley. Cheaper and easier to find. I have standard 3 groove if you want it Thanks was not sure if a standard pulley would line up i only need a 2 groove so I might try and find one again thank you.
  3. Im putting together a 71 coupe with a 351c 4v closed chamber heads i raced this motor years ago now I want a street car it has a large harmonic balancer off i believe a 351HO.i don't have a crank pulley and im not sure what i need. Thanks for any help
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