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  1. I run high test unleaded most of the time. We have a gas station that sells the leaded fuel and I can tell you mine runs a lot better on the leaded. Starts up better and idles like a dream with the leaded fuel not to mention love the way it smells.
  2. I need an fmx dipstick and tube. Thanks, Ben
  3. If you are interested in selling just the dipstick and tube then I would buy that from you.
  4. Do you have the transmission dipstick and tube for the fmx. If so, I would be interested. Thanks, Ben[/u]
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has any good ideas of a precautionary insulator to put around the fuel line coming out of the gas tank. It is so close to the exhaust it just bothers me knowing if that thing sprang a leak that it wouldn't take long to go up in flames. I was thinking of some cool tape or a spark plug cover.
  6. I did the same conversion and the FMX shift rod worked fine with the c6. I did have to modify the kickdown linkage a little though.
  7. Yeah, that was my thought to. I needed the fmx rebuilt, but nobody wants to touch it around here and like you said there is no upgrades for it. The fmx is original so I will definatly hang onto it and just have the driveshaft lengthened another 4" if I go back with it.
  8. Thanks for all the help fella's! Do ya'll think I am making a mistake by changing my fmx to c-6? I have a slightly modified cleveland that dynoed right at 350 hp.
  9. It is a floor shift. I got the shift and kickdown linkage on today with a few minor mods. I just have to figure out what to do with the linkage that hooked up from the steering column to old fmx that kept you from putting the vehicle in gear without turning key on. I may just remove it if the C6 has no way of hooking up. I just hate not having that hooked up for safety reasons.
  10. shifter to trans, kick down linkage to trans, and park safety linkage to trans. (not even sure if a c6 has the park safety set up). I have all the linkage other than where it hooks up to the transmission. I wish the bracket on the fmx would come off without dissasembling the whole trans. but I think that is the only way it will come off.
  11. I am in Chapin, SC right outside of Columbia. I grew up and lived in TN for 22 years before moving to SC so my blood runs orange. I can work on cars but when it comes to computers I am technically disadvantaged, so as soon as I can, I will post some pics of my progress so far. Thanks for the welcome! This is really a great site. I can't believe I just now found ya'll. I spent about and hour last night just looking at the classifieds for sale section at that 71 mach 1 for sale and all the other restorations he did. That guy can paint. Wish I knew someone around here that can paint that good. I unfortunatly already wasted money having mine painted once and am going to have it repainted after finishing the motor/trans. swap and have it done right. I can't stand having a 20 ft. paint job, looks good from 20 ft., but closer you get to it the higher my blood pressure rises.
  12. I am attempting to convert my fmx to c6 transmission and am having some shift linkage issues. Does anyone know if there is a kit for the c6 trans to fit the original linkage or if the is a good way to get around this. I am to the point of either trying to fabricate a bracket to fit or possibly pulling the linkage off the fmx and seeing if it will fit on the c6 which will basically require two trans. rebuilds. I have already shortened my driveshaft and bought a new crossmember mount and ready to fire this baby up but have hit a slight snag and looking for some direction.
  13. I am in the process of restoring my 1972 mach 1. My first car ever was a 73 mach 1 so I am partial to the 71-73 body style mach 1's. I found this one a couple years back and have been slowly restoring it for a daily driver. It was sold in Charlotte and has been a Carolina car ever since. Still has all original floorpans and glass with the exeption of the front windshield. Has the original 351C block, I switch 2v heads to 4v heads. I have completed the interior restoration and I am on the home stretch of re-installing the motor after having it rebuilt, balanced, and blue printed. I am in the process of doing an FMX to C6 swap that is giving me some linkage issues hence me finding ya'll. Regardless, I am glad I found ya'll and will visit often. I will post my transmission issue in the proper forum and look forward to any knowledge I can give or receive. I will also post some pics of my mach.
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