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    1973 Mach 1 with 460 eng C-6 Tranny with special low and second gears. Cowl Hood. 17 x 9 Chrome Magnums up front and 17 x 10.5 in the back. Also have a 70 Boss 302 Project and 2 Tubbed out Stangs. A 67 Coupe & a 1970 Mach 1. Going with Alum headed 289 in the 67 and have a Boss 429 I would like to put in the Pro St 70 Mach with a BDS 8:71 Super Charger. Just takes time and Money.


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  1. Hello, I am about to start putting my 1973 Mach 1 engine, a 460 with CJ Alum Heads and I would like to find a decent price on a set of Ceramic Coated Long tube headers for it. If anyone has a set and wants to sell or trade them, please give me a call. Thanks, Mike. 704-516-8033
  2. I have a 377 inch Windsor Stroker Engine for sale. Never drove it in a car but have about 10 hours or so of starting it now and then over a period of time. I hope the video I took will post on here. If not I can email it I think. Contact me with any questions. Thanks, Mike. Well the site will not allow me to post the video as I have it save. I don't know how to post it unless I can copy and paste the address. I will try that. Didn't work, only showed a picture. Try looking on face book under Michael Rowland. https://www.facebook.com/n/?video%2Fedit%2F&v=1155474751142012&aref=1468194343606166&medium=email&mid=5375058b9d4c4G5af3276c1429G53750a24fd796G3dG5aef&bcode=1.1468194330.AbnXCgRj5c76QzPh&n_m=oldmustanghotrod%40aol.com
  3. Thanks BK. Let me know when. Mike.
  4. This is part of what I have intentions of putting in the 70 Mach 1 but with an 8:71 Super Charger and a Straight Axle.
  5. I have C-4 and C-6 Stall Torque Converters New and used. I have ACC Boss Hog, and TCI, plus I have a Fairbanks. I also have 3 New Sets of 460 Stroker Pistons. Posted are two sets of Probe Stroker Pistons. You can build a 521 to a 557. In Addition to these I have Moser 31 Spline Axles for 67 to 70 Mustangs and 71 to 73 Mustangs and 70 to 71 Torino. How about a Black Victor Jr Intake for a 351 Windsor modified with a Dominator Carb Flange? This is a very nice Welded on Flange. Would be pretty cool with one of the 750 CFM Dominators on a Street Stroker Engine. I have New in the Ford Boxes and Used Ford Racing Cobra Jet Aluminum Heads and a couple of Cobra Jet 4 Bolt Blocks and a Weiand Stealth Cobra Jet Ported New Intake. How about an Aluminum Rod Small Block Stroker Engine? Childs & Alberts Rods with Arias Pistons. I also have a set of Yates C3 Heads, a couple of Intakes, Stainless Stepped Headers less the collectors, and a New set of JE Yates Pistons for a 4.129 bore. So you can Hone a 4.125 block to size. I also have a couple of sets of Yates Used Pistons. These are Dish Top which would be great for Street Stroker Engines or Turbos. The New JE Pistons have a Dome Top for Serious Compression. Another Intake for a 351Windsor. A Victor Jr for a 2BBl. This would be cool with a 500 CFM or a 650 CFM Holley 2bbl. Outrun the competition with a 2 BBl. This next Group of Items is when I set up at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Auto Fair. Some items are sold some still here. Wanna look at some Cool Boss 429 Stuff. I even put the Heads and a Super Charger Intake on my 460 block in my 73 just to see if it would fit before removing the 460. I have picture too. Can't remember how much room there was around the Master Cylinder. But I am not putting it in that car anyway. Just wanted to see what it would look like. I have a 70 Mach 1 that is Tubbed Out I want to put the Boss in.
  6. I have been Building Performance Engines for over 46 years and have been Buying Performance Engines and Parts for over 46 years. Now it is time to sell off some of those parts and dial in on the ones I want to build for myself. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you might want. The list is too long for me to try and compose and post. Mike. 704-516-8033. Email, mikesspeedparts@aol.com
  7. Hello, it is Sat morning, I will be available for most of the day. Mike.
  8. I posted a new note down below but also, I am a dealer for Crane and Erson and many others. 500 hp isn't too difficult to get but it is with what you are running now. The engine in the picture up above is 427 cubic inches with the AFD Heads and Intake and about 10.5 to 10.7 to 1 compression and the cam is a Crane Solid Roller Street Profile that is about .606 .626 with about 236 246 at .050 and on a 112. On the Dyno with a belt turning the Alt, Water Pump, and A/C Compressor it made 565 at 6,200 RPMs. If you are not going to do all that you will be off just a bit on power but there is a lot of power to be had with the right selection of parts. As I have said in my intro, I have been building these for about 46 years. I can help if you are interested and I have a deal with a Converter Company as well as other parts and have 4:11 Gears sets in stock. Just give me a call if I can help. Mike. 704-516-80363
  9. I have three sets of Cleveland Alum Heads. I have a set of A351 Ford Motorsport Heads they were raced about one or two races in an 1/8th mile drag race car and the guy switched to a 460 engine, I have a New set of C302B Ford Motorsport heads that have never had a valve in them. Some Gasket Matching was started and some polishing of the Combustion Chamber started. I also have a set of Australian AFD, Air Flow Dynamics Alum 4VSP Street 4 bbl Heads new in the box. Mike. 704-516-8033.
  10. Just thought of something else. It seems like I remember having some New Old Stock Boss Rocker Arms too and I think I may have some of the Original Ram Air Parts for the Ram Air Hood. Mike. 704-516-8033
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