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    1973 Mach 1 with 460 eng C-6 Tranny with special low and second gears. Cowl Hood. 17 x 9 Chrome Magnums up front and 17 x 10.5 in the back. Also have a 70 Boss 302 Project and 2 Tubbed out Stangs. A 67 Coupe & a 1970 Mach 1. Going with Alum headed 289 in the 67 and have a Boss 429 I would like to put in the Pro St 70 Mach with a BDS 8:71 Super Charger. Just takes time and Money.


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    Gastonia, NC
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I have been building Performance Engines for about 46 years. I am a Ford Guy but do build Chevys for those in need too. I specialize in Boss 302, 351 Clevelands, 429-460s but do most all push rod engines under the Ford Oval. I have experience working on a top 10 Nascar Team in the mid 80s. I have my own Machine Shop, I have about 30 Ford Engines, 289s, 302s, 351Ws, several 4 Bolt Clevelands, 3 Boss 302 Engines, 428 Cobra Jet, 2 429 Cobra Jets, several 460s, a Boss 429, and about a half dozen 4 Bolt 350s, and some FE engines. I am Direct with Crane Cams, World Products Blocks, & Heads, Erson Cams, Trick Flow Specialties, Diamond Pistons, Trend Push Rods, Moser Engineering, AFD Cleveland Heads of Australia and have pretty great deals on Quick Fuel Carbs, Holley HP Race and HP Street Carbs, Ring & Pinion Kits, Posi Units, Spools, Truck Accessories, K&N Filter Kits and More. If you need anything from advice to parts drop me a note. mikesspeedparts@aol.com or call 704-516-8033 ask about member discounts. Thanks, Mike.

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