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  1. Hello, I am about to start putting my 1973 Mach 1 engine, a 460 with CJ Alum Heads and I would like to find a decent price on a set of Ceramic Coated Long tube headers for it. If anyone has a set and wants to sell or trade them, please give me a call. Thanks, Mike. 704-516-8033
  2. I have a 377 inch Windsor Stroker Engine for sale. Never drove it in a car but have about 10 hours or so of starting it now and then over a period of time. I hope the video I took will post on here. If not I can email it I think. Contact me with any questions. Thanks, Mike. Well the site will not allow me to post the video as I have it save. I don't know how to post it unless I can copy and paste the address. I will try that. Didn't work, only showed a picture. Try looking on face book under Michael Rowland. https://www.facebook.com/n/?video%2Fedit%2F&v=1155474751142012&aref=1468194343606166&medium=email&mid=5375058b9d4c4G5af3276c1429G53750a24fd796G3dG5aef&bcode=1.1468194330.AbnXCgRj5c76QzPh&n_m=oldmustanghotrod%40aol.com
  3. Thanks BK. Let me know when. Mike.
  4. This is part of what I have intentions of putting in the 70 Mach 1 but with an 8:71 Super Charger and a Straight Axle.
  5. I have C-4 and C-6 Stall Torque Converters New and used. I have ACC Boss Hog, and TCI, plus I have a Fairbanks. I also have 3 New Sets of 460 Stroker Pistons. Posted are two sets of Probe Stroker Pistons. You can build a 521 to a 557. In Addition to these I have Moser 31 Spline Axles for 67 to 70 Mustangs and 71 to 73 Mustangs and 70 to 71 Torino. How about a Black Victor Jr Intake for a 351 Windsor modified with a Dominator Carb Flange? This is a very nice Welded on Flange. Would be pretty cool with one of the 750 CFM Dominators on a Street Stroker Engine. I have New in the Ford Boxes and Used Ford Racing Cobra Jet Aluminum Heads and a couple of Cobra Jet 4 Bolt Blocks and a Weiand Stealth Cobra Jet Ported New Intake. How about an Aluminum Rod Small Block Stroker Engine? Childs & Alberts Rods with Arias Pistons. I also have a set of Yates C3 Heads, a couple of Intakes, Stainless Stepped Headers less the collectors, and a New set of JE Yates Pistons for a 4.129 bore. So you can Hone a 4.125 block to size. I also have a couple of sets of Yates Used Pistons. These are Dish Top which would be great for Street Stroker Engines or Turbos. The New JE Pistons have a Dome Top for Serious Compression. Another Intake for a 351Windsor. A Victor Jr for a 2BBl. This would be cool with a 500 CFM or a 650 CFM Holley 2bbl. Outrun the competition with a 2 BBl. This next Group of Items is when I set up at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Auto Fair. Some items are sold some still here. Wanna look at some Cool Boss 429 Stuff. I even put the Heads and a Super Charger Intake on my 460 block in my 73 just to see if it would fit before removing the 460. I have picture too. Can't remember how much room there was around the Master Cylinder. But I am not putting it in that car anyway. Just wanted to see what it would look like. I have a 70 Mach 1 that is Tubbed Out I want to put the Boss in.
  6. I have been Building Performance Engines for over 46 years and have been Buying Performance Engines and Parts for over 46 years. Now it is time to sell off some of those parts and dial in on the ones I want to build for myself. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you might want. The list is too long for me to try and compose and post. Mike. 704-516-8033. Email, mikesspeedparts@aol.com
  7. Hello, it is Sat morning, I will be available for most of the day. Mike.
  8. I posted a new note down below but also, I am a dealer for Crane and Erson and many others. 500 hp isn't too difficult to get but it is with what you are running now. The engine in the picture up above is 427 cubic inches with the AFD Heads and Intake and about 10.5 to 10.7 to 1 compression and the cam is a Crane Solid Roller Street Profile that is about .606 .626 with about 236 246 at .050 and on a 112. On the Dyno with a belt turning the Alt, Water Pump, and A/C Compressor it made 565 at 6,200 RPMs. If you are not going to do all that you will be off just a bit on power but there is a lot of power to be had with the right selection of parts. As I have said in my intro, I have been building these for about 46 years. I can help if you are interested and I have a deal with a Converter Company as well as other parts and have 4:11 Gears sets in stock. Just give me a call if I can help. Mike. 704-516-80363
  9. I have three sets of Cleveland Alum Heads. I have a set of A351 Ford Motorsport Heads they were raced about one or two races in an 1/8th mile drag race car and the guy switched to a 460 engine, I have a New set of C302B Ford Motorsport heads that have never had a valve in them. Some Gasket Matching was started and some polishing of the Combustion Chamber started. I also have a set of Australian AFD, Air Flow Dynamics Alum 4VSP Street 4 bbl Heads new in the box. Mike. 704-516-8033.
  10. Just thought of something else. It seems like I remember having some New Old Stock Boss Rocker Arms too and I think I may have some of the Original Ram Air Parts for the Ram Air Hood. Mike. 704-516-8033
  11. I have a lot of Cleveland Parts, blocks, heads, pistons, but not necessarily Boss 351. Don't know if you are interested in any of what I have. I do remember seeing a couple of Baffled Oil Pans in my stash. Reg Clevelands didn't have baffles. Just thinking. I have two 429 CJ 4 Bolt blocks and only one set of Iron CJ Heads and one set of Ford Racing Alum CJ heads. Would like another pair. I do think I have a Correct Date Code Nodular Iron Third Member with the 31 Spline Posi and correct gears for a Boss. I have 3:91 Gears and 4:11 Gear set ups.
  12. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to Welcome me to your site. I feel really good about being here. A couple of you have mentioned that you would hope I would share some of my experience with you as well as parts. God has given the ability to build some pretty good engines and has helped me learn what I know over the years. I would be more than happy to help anyone I can. I do almost everything except transmissions. I just have not taken the time to learn to build them. I do know of some pretty cool tricks you can do with them and am getting ready to put one of those to the test in my 460 powered C-6 73 Mach 1. I will keep you posted about the special low and second gear set up I mentioned before. I have been building Holley Carbs for about as long as I have been building engines. Roughly about 46 years. Oh, by the way, today, June 20th is my 62 Birthday. I have been building rear ends for almost as long but not quite. I know formulas to help you pick out the correct Stall Converter for the Cam you want to run and the Rear End Gears too. You don't have to guess and try one just to replace it with something else. I can tell you what you need and be on the money about 95 % of the time. There are unknown factors but I get pretty close. So I will help you and when I need someone to tell me how to get the Factory Tach in my car to work with my Crane Hi 6 ignition box I hope someone can explain to me what I need to do. Another member mentioned to me in a PM that a 460 in a 73 Ought to be fun so I replied with a little info on the set up. I will post it here. I used to have a pretty hot engine in my 73. It was still a streetable setup but pretty strong. .030 460 with Arias Flat Tops, DOVE-C Ported Heads. Studs and plates of course. .605 Solid Flat Tappet Comp Cams Cam with 248 duration at .050 lift. Hooker Competition Headers, Crane Gold Roller Rockers, Old Nascar 351 Distributor with Magnetic MSD pick up, Crane Ignition Box and Race Coil producing about 480 to 500 MA at the plugs, Blue Thunder 2x4 intake with 2 660 Center Squirters, C-6 with TCI Super Street Fighter Torque Converter 3,200 stall, B&M Shift Kit, Nodular Iron Third Member with 5:14 Gears and Full Spool with 31 Spline Axles. Car weighed over 4,000 pounds and with 28 x 10.5 M/T Slicks hit 7.50 in the 1/8 with a 1.6 sec 60 foot time. When I pulled up on the Scales at the Drag Strip the guy weighing the car said wow man, what have you got under the hood? Your front end weighs over 2,200 lbs. I just said it is All Big Block Iron Parts. But, this go round it will be milder and I putting on a lot of Aluminum. Also had full exhaust too and interior with 6 point Roll Bar. Exhaust was 3 inch pipes to the Flowmaster Orig 40 series 3 inch Mufflers and 3 inch Mandrel Bent Flowmaster Pipes over the axle and out the back. I drove this car on the street for over 20 years with the 2x4s and the 5:14 gears all over the place and I took it down Interstate 85 about 20 to 30 Miles from Gastonia to Charlotte and the Charlotte Auto Fair at the Speedway a few times. Do I need to tell you what 600 HP sounds like coming from a 3 inch Flowmaster Exhaust System turning about 4,700 RPMs down the interstate? Great isn't quite enough when trying to describe it. Mike.
  13. Hello 71-73 Mustang Members. I just joined this site a couple of days ago and really am excited to find a site for the bigger Mustangs. Just a little about me, I will be 62 on June 20. I have been building Muscle Car Engines, Ford, Chevy, and others for about 46 years. My first being an awesome 289 for my very first Mustang, a 65 Fastback way back in, 1970. Since I live about 20 miles outside of Charlotte NC I was making weekly trips to Holman Moody for Engine Parts. I remember one of the Deals I got was a Holman Moody 289 Aluminum Intake Manifold. The Intake sold for, are you ready, $100.00 New. If you were lucky enough to show up around the time they were testing engines on the Dyno and they just happened to be testing a 289 Hi Po you could buy the Used Intake off a Dyno Engine for 1/2 price. That's Right, I bought a Holman Moody Intake for $50 plus tax which then was only 4% so for $52.00 I was ready to move on. Wonder what that Intake would sell for today giving that it was run on a Dyno Engine? Moving forward the engine turned out great and ran fantastic. My next Mustang was a 1970 Mach 1 that I purchased for $1,500 in 1973 after I graduated from High School. I sold that car when I was in San Antonio Texas in the Army. But, I found a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang that belong to a fellow Soldier and he was being shipped to Korea and couldn't take the car. After turning it down for $2,000.00 or so he finally asked if I would just pay off the Bank Note. I agreed and I still have that Boss car today. What was the Bank pay off? $703. and change. What a deal. The engine ran rough as I believe it had been run very hard. When I got it the Boss had L60 x 15 inch tires front and back on 10 inch Alum slots. That is a very big tire for the front. Anyway, I did a compression check on the engine and #5 Cyl was down a lot. I pulled the engine and was going to build it back but I came across a guy who used to Drag Race Boss 429 Hemis. He was getting out of racing and wanted a good engine for a project. I traded him my Boss 302 Engine, wish I hadn't now, and $750 for Two Boss 429 Blocks, cranks, 3 sets of heads, a few intakes, one being I think a Spider individual runner intake, 3 or 4 sets of Aluminum Rods, I think 2 sets were new. It was a long time ago. I got a lot of other parts too including 2 stock intakes, a tunnel ram for 2x4s, and a Magneto. As it turned out I found a 1970 Boss 429 Mustang a local guy had bought and couldn't do anything with it because there was not title. It had a 302 with the 4 speed in it and I bought it for about, $178 counting the tow bill to get it on base. Somehow word got out about it and I sold the body with a basic Boss 429 motor or parts for one, Block, cranks, Steel Rods, Pistons, Heads, valve covers, and intake and probably more misc parts I can't remember for, $2,500.00. A lot of profit then but what if I still had it today? Later on I finished my tour in the Army and made my way back home to Gastonia, NC. I had the Boss running of course by now but the drive train was a 4bbl Cleveland and a C-6. I know but it was the 70s. I eventually found another Boss 302 and put it in the car with a 4 speed and 4:56 gears and a Crower Cam. The Cam was a .580 lift with 320 Duration advertised. Don't know what it was at .050 but it hit a good lick. After getting a Boss engine back in the car I had it painted and it was a pretty nice driver for years to come. It has been sitting waiting for a redo now since about 1985 or 6. Life happens. Marriage, divorce about 2 years later, marriage again, divorce about 17 years later, marriage again about 8 years ago. Still working so far. LOL... Around my first marriage in the early 80s I found a 1967 Shelby GT 500 with the original Big Block and 4 speed. I was visiting a Camp Ground for the summer and a local guy was driving it. It wasn't a very pretty site but it was a GT500. One weekend he got a little drunk and run the Shelby into a Dirt Embankment and folded the right front wheel under the car. It did some serious damage to the fender too. When I heard about the wreck I tracked him down and proposed a trade. Knowing that I had several Mustangs he said right away he didn't want another Mustang. I told him I had a different trade in mind. It just so happened that I had a Triple White 1974 Lincoln Mark IV and I was only the Third Owner. It was a pretty nice car with white leather and all the options. He said you will trade me the Lincoln for the Shelby. I said yes and he said at least he would have a car to get to work on Monday and he also had a Date that Night so the deal was made and I now owned a 67 GT 500. I repaired the car and sold it a couple of years later, I think about 1984 for, $3,900.00. Another Wow. Wish I still had it. After that I found another 67 GT 500 in Gastonia that was in storage with no engine that I bought for $3,100 and sold a few months later for, $7,000 to a guy from VA. The buyer of the first Shelby was from Charlotte. I have had several Mustangs since then, some 60s and some 70s including a Black and Gold Mustang II. In 1989 I found another 1970 Boss 429 car in Wilson NC close to Raleigh NC. I was able to buy it for, $950.00 with a title. It had a 351 W in it with the 4 speed and I sold the 351 and then sold the Car with my last Boss 429 engine assembly for, $9,800. You know it was only a few years later that Barrett Jackson Auctions started becoming popular and the prices of those cars really soared. Now I have a Tubbed out Pro Street 67 Mustang Coupe with the Shelby Style Hood and truck, a Tubbed out 70 Mach 1 and I ended up with another Boss 429 that I want to put in that car with a Straight Axle and build an A/Gasser Boss 429 Mustang with an 8:71 BDS Super Charger that I also have. I still have the Boss 302 70, and I have a 1971 Fastback old Drag Car I bought about 2 years ago I am trying to get time to put it back on the track. I have a 72 Convertible with a Ram Air Cleveland with Auto and A/C I bought and plan to restore and I have a 1973 Mach 1 with a 460 that I drive on occasion. With all that said I have had numerous other Mustangs and have a one of one 1974 Cougar XR-7 factory 460 car I need to sell but also picked up another 65 fastback when I was still in high school that was a shell sitting on a tube frame with a pile of AFX Fiberglass Body parts from Holman Moody laying beside it. I bought all that and put it in my parents garage till I got out of the Army and then had it finished to a Roller with Roll cage and all. Put in a coupe of mock up engines from a Cleveland to a Boss 429 but ended up selling it 2 years ago to a guy in CA for cheap. $10,800. The car only weighed 1,200 lbs. without engine and trans. I am still building engines and have a lot of parts to sell off so I can restore the Boss 302 and finish the 70 Mach 1 Hemi Project. If anyone is looking I have about 5 or 6 old 289s, several old and newer 302s, a couple of 351W, 5 or 6 four bolt main Cobra Jet 351 Clevelands with Heads already Milled and Tapped for Studs and Guide Plates, 3 Boss 302 Engines that are not for sale, 4 Nascar 351 Blocks from the 80s and maybe early 90s. Might sell one or two. Two are New. a few 360 390 engines, a 428 Cobra Jet Block and Heads with Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifolds, a 67 Medium Rise 2x4 intake with MSD and other parts, 2 Four Bolt Main 429 Cobra Jet Blocks with one set of Iron Heads and one set of New IN the Box Ford Cobra Jet Aluminum Heads, about 5 or so 460s and of course the last Boss 429 Hemi Engine that has Holman Moody Race Heads, Maxi Plenum Dominator Intake, and the Block is NOS Jan 1970 that has not even been Honed to size. This block and parts came from Holman Moody about 20 or so years ago and the block is supposed to be one of the latest designs that was stronger than earlier blocks. I have way too much stuff. Besides all that I have a almost new set of Ford Racing A351 Cleveland Aluminum Heads with Ford Trans AM Titanium Intake Valves and Hollow Stem Stainless Exhaust. A NEW set of Ford Racing C302B Aluminum Cleveland heads that have had some Gasket Matching Started. A pair of Yates C3 heads with several intakes, Stainless Stepped Headers, a New set of JE Dome Top Pistons New in the Box for the Yates Heads with a 4.129 bore. I also have Rickie Smiths old Iron Hi Port Plated 71 Boss 351 Pro Stock type Heads that they had Air Flow Research to about, $1,800 worth of work to in 1978. Along with the heads I have a Pro Stock Dual Dominator Tunnel Ram and a set of Headers for the heads that have at least 2 1/8 inch tubes if not bigger. I traded Rickie Smith's Car owner and sponsor Keith Fouler A new in the box Boss 429 Hemi Heads that I got in the first trade with my Boss 302 engine. for the Cleveland Hi Port Heads. Jon Kaase was on hand for the trade as he was about to bust the Pro Stock Scene wide open with the Boss 429s. I have 6 Sets of New In the Box Dome Top 351 Cleveland Pistons, plus so much more. I have an intake to put Cleveland heads on a Windsor and an intake to put Windsor heads on a Cleveland. I also for those looking have about 6 or 7 Nodular Iron Cases with Date codes of late 60s and early 70s. Just too much stuff and I need to start selling. If anyone is interested please call. Don't know what the rules are but hopefully no one will mind if I post my number. Home is, 704-867-7566 no calls after 10 PM or before 8 AM Please. Cell phone is, 704-516-8033 again no calls after 10 PM. I hope you have enjoyed my journey through the decades. Mike. PS I am going to try to put up my 73 Mach 1 and a Customers engine I did a few years ago. It is a 427 Cleveland AFD Headed Dart Aluminum Block with Cleveland deck 9.2 and Cleveland Mains. 10.5 to 1 Comp approx. Crane Solid Roller Street Profile Cam. On the Dyno with a belt installed turning the Alternator, Water Pump, and A/C as you see in the pictures. 565 HP at 6,200 540 FT Lbs of torque at 4,400.
  14. This is Mike. I just joined today. I have been building Clevelands and other engines for about 46 years. You don't really have to change heads to make the engine perform well. The problem with the open chamber head is that it has very little compression with flat top pistons. Since you are rebuilding the engine anyway you can change that. You didn't say if you were going to add a Stroker crank or not so I will give you a couple of scenarios. Without knowing what car you are going to build and not really knowing what kind of power you want I will just do a generic build for about 400 to 450 horsepower. That isn't too hard to come by for a Cleveland prepped right. First you need at least 10.5 to 1 compression. If you use Open Chamber Heads with flat top pistons with about a 2 cc to 3 cc valve relief and stock rod length and stock stroke about a 4.030 bore the compression depending on deck height and gasket thickness will be about 9.5 or so. That is ok if you just want to drive it and there are cams that will help it have a decent street sound but don't try to run anyone with a well put together 302 or bigger engine. There just isn't enough compression to run a stronger cam so that leaves you seeing tail lights. Now lets say you put in the Dome Top Closed Chamber 12.5 to 1 Pistons. Using a 62 cc head it makes about 12.5 or 6 to 1. Again depending on Deck Height and Gasket thickness but if you put the Open Chamber Heads over those Dome Top 12.5 to 1 Pistons with 76 cc Chambers instead of the closed chamber 62 cc then the compression comes down to 10.5 or so to 1 which is ideal for making Horsepower. With the right cam and a Torker Intake or the Blue Thunder Intake and at least a 750 double pumper Headers, MSD, Full Roller Rockers, at least 3:25 gears for average playing and 3:70 for more fun you will be Amazed what the Cleveland will do, and by the way, with a heavy car like a 71 to 73 Mach 1 4:11s will move the weight better and if you go past 6,000 RPMs an 850 will add over 30 more horsepower. You can have a lot of fun and use the money for other heads to buy the cam and pistons and other parts needed to build your engine. Building a Stroker is another way to use your heads and flat top pistons and still get the compression and horsepower you want to play with. I have built two and am doing another right now, 427 Stroker 351 Clevelands. I am a Dealer for Air Flow Dynamics, (AFD), heads from Australia. So I used their 4VSP Street Heads and intake and with about 10.5 to 1 compression and a Crane Solid Roller Street Profile Cam, I am a Crane Dealer too, The Solid Roller Street Profile is a couple or three hundred dollars cheaper than a Hydraulic Roller when you purchase the good roller lifters that will allow you to rev above 5,000 RPMs. Anyway with these engines put together and having a March Serpentine Pulley set up on them I put a belt on the engine and turned the Alternator, the Water Pump, and the A/C Compressor on the Dyno and still made 565 HP at 6,200 RPM and made 540 ft lbs of torque at 4,400 RPM. Both engines were within 10 HP of each other and the only real difference was a slight difference in the cams, one was a Dart Aluminum 9.2 inch deck block the other was a Ford Racing 9.2 Iron block and one had a 750 carb the other an 850. I hope this helps. If you have any questions you can email me or call. 704-516-8033. Mike. PS Check out the engine in the attachment.
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