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  1. Pictured is the passenger kick panel for the 71 Mach. The hole in the center alignes up with a bracket. The bracket hole is rather large for the size of the hole that is in the panel. Can anyone tell me what kind of connecting system is supposed to go here. There was a rivet in the driver door but neither was connected to anything as they pulled right out. Thanks
  2. Thanks to all that send pics and answers. I have them in place. On to the next question in a bit. Has to do with aftermarket sail panels.
  3. Know it is not a good idea to have friends help tear down for paint but I did it anyway. In putting it back together I am having a hard time figuring out where this piece goes Know it goes to the front near the headlight housing but it there anything that goes with it like a brace? The buddy that took it off might have had a beer or two to many while helping. If anyone has a pic showing this I would appreciate it.
  4. Has anyone found a better option to the fiberboard package tray in 71 fastbacks. I bought a new one and in no time the fiberboard faded and warped to make it look like crap. even a home designed option would be okay. Have the time to mess with it before shows start in the coming summer.
  5. Sorry I cannot get it to upload a pic.
  6. Does anyone know if this is being made new? It is the seal on my 71 Mach 1. Upper part of the fender but I do not know what it is called. Thanks for any help
  7. Not sure I listed it correctly but the clips are interior and are on the inside rail. They clip inside the rail and clip to the edge of the roof rail to eliminate rattle I am assuming. Does anyone know if they are made new or will I have to hunt them in a bone yard? Also what do you call them?yard? Thanks
  8. Can anyone tell me who sell the best tail pipe extension tips for the 71 Mach. Lots out there but some I'm sure are better than the others. thanks
  9. I would like to replace this part that is above the package tray in a 71 sportsroof. Does anyone make a replacement? They are plastic with a metal trim along the bottom. Thanks .
  10. Thanks to all that sent replies to my Speaker question. Now a new one, Looking to replace the padding/insulation behind the back seat. Can't seem to find something close to original. Does anyone have a supplier that they have used? Thanks
  11. I am putting a new radio in my 71 Mach 1 fastback. I know that rear speakers did not come in them factory. Can some of you show me some pics of finished product that have done that. Trying to figure out the grills and such. Thanks
  12. The light socket in my console clock in my 71 Mach is broken. have not had the time to look through the parts books to see if there is one out there new. Can anyone tell me if new ones are available or am I going to have to go the grave yard route. thanks for any help.
  13. I live in a small town and the streets are not very conductive for anything hanging much below the frame. Will have a custom built exhaust system built for it.
  14. Looking for a set of shorty Headers for my 351C 71 Mach 1.
  15. Here is a pic of what my circuit board looked like. The speaker wires in pic were run from light to light so they would work properly.
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