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  1. keep a can of starter spray with u for kicks.. does the rad have fan shroud? if not get one. might be time for new rad too. ck the timing it could be off. i'd also suggest u run the engine for a few then shut it off and look into the carb. if it's dripping then a carb rebuild is in the near future. with engine running do a voltage test across the battery. 14.7 volts running.
  2. got mine yesterday.. looks wonderful.. wear it today..
  3. got my shirt yesterday. looks great... almost looks like my car on the back. but it was photo shopped and put the blinkers on wrong... oh well the selections looks wonderful... wearing it today..
  4. on driver door u may want to look closely and see an imprint of tag. mine was a repaint and faintly saw the tag. lightly used paint remover and exposed.
  5. here is a pic of my new ford ranger i got last yr. i think it's called "pepper red"
  6. well I finally made it in.. my antivirus did not like the install with the green continue button.. blocked it saying virus content. had to change password, but I think i'm good now. now to get used to the new sys..
  7. not the easy way to do it but happens that way all the time.. never did it that way, but i'd say u gotta lift the car in the front about 2 ft. measure the bell housing and that'll tell ya and add a bit more. gravity will help getting out... it'll fight ya going back... have fun
  8. welcome from Delaware...
  9. switch may had gone bad.. but if u have an extra hand.. turn to start and see if u have voltage at the front little connector on the start relay. if no.. check fuses. but at least u know the run part of the sw works that's why I leaning to bad switch in the starter side of sw.
  10. jowens.. if u go to "more" and search for "hood paint" there is a pic with some measurements. there is another one that's better info. it's a yellow hood with the measurements on it. that's what I used and gave to painter. I don't like matte on the hood for I wax it . mine is gloss
  11. I really like the black spoked wheels. that is also my line of sight of looking for new wheels
  12. I think u can go online to "cooper tire" and see what they have. or pep boys. i'm thinking of changing mine also but keep the tires.
  13. with by passing the core u should not have lost much coolant. so a 5 or 10 mile drive then let cool and ck the rad and add if needed. I would cut the water pump hose and connect it to the intake. that will keep drainage to a min.
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