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  1. I see a couple on Ebay, a green one and black one, check there.
  2. Don C has it right, it is a plastic tab you push down. I struggled with trying to spin it off for 20 minutes and finally I accidently pushed the tab down and it popped off simple. I was pretty frustrated until it came off then I felt kind of dumb, but you cant really see in there so. . . Good luck, I just replaced mine a month ago.
  3. I agree the healthcare issue is bad, it all started when Hillary was fist lady. She stated pushing more government involvement in healthcare. I'm self employed and have been paying my own premiums since 2000. Every time there is a health care give away conversation from the Libs premiums jump more then usual. The HMOs all knew the government was eventually going to force everyone to have healthcare insurance, so they just kept jacking up rates until the Feds eye turned toward them but that didn't slow them down, only more excuses. There was no provision in the ACA to stop raising premiums, way to go. Since the ACA came out my premiums go up at least 10% a year. For 2021 I will pay $ 14,000 in premiums. For that privilege I get a $12,000 copay. If I paid more in premiums my copay would go down. To make it even more frustrating, through income taxes, I get to pay a portion of everyone's health care that wont go to work and get their own insurance. The Obama healthcare reform was not reform it was a new tax. If you want health care reform get rid of HMOs and let everyone pay their own premiums, then you will see prices come down. I feel for you David. Why aren't you on the ACA?
  4. Thanks Don, I had the speedo out toubleshooting the issue and . . . put it back in. Thanks for the bad news buddy, lol. Ill go pull it again and put some air throught the cable.
  5. My speedo is jumping and instead of replacing the 40 year old cable, I bought just the core. I thought it would be easy, pull the cable from the tranny, pull the core and push in the new one in. There is no video or instructions anywhere to be found. (Maybe im not researching it well). So I pulled out the cable from the tranny, pulled off the end gear then I tried pulling the cable core but it wont come out. I pulled pretty hard but I dont want to break anything at the speedo end. Does anyone have experience with just replacing the core cable? Any advice would be helpful. This is what I bought. https://www.npdlink.com/product/cable-core-speedometer-130-inch-diameter-81-inch/150968/80571 Thanks
  6. Lol, thanks. Like I said right in front of me, Thanks again.
  7. I cant seem to find where PM's are. Im sure its right in front of me. Any help is appreicated. Thanks
  8. Thanks Don, love the graphic, takes all the guess work and tape measure out of the equation.
  9. 73, , thanks for the heads up.
  10. Is this worth the dollars? I have a pretty stock motor but would like to change my 2v intake to a 4v without any other mods so I can pick up a few HP. I would change out my 2V carb for a 4v Carb, but the question is abou this intake. Thanks for your input. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blue-Thunder-Ford-351C-Cleveland-Pantera-4-Barrel-Intake-With-Casting-Numbers/283865218299?hash=item4217af7cfb:g:S5UAAOSwD9JeHRSC
  11. Looks real nice, but barn find??? Dont think so. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ctd/d/san-ramon-1973-ford-mustang-convertible/7091888958.html
  12. Did you install it yourself? If so was it difficult? I read an install manual and it doesnt look hateful.
  13. I sent mine out and had it re-skinned, it turned out great. No coating. Here is the link http://z28camaro.com/ It took him a few days to turn it around. GL
  14. Looking to buy a working 1973 AM FM Radio. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks,
  15. Holy cow, this report looks like the ingredients in one of my Silver Centrum vitamin supplements. . . well except for the lead.
  16. See previous reply in this post they are different fro sure. Hmm, cannot find it, ive read entire thread 3 times, lol. I think the 71-73 is suppose to be 59" and the 70 must be 57", this is the two sizes I have found but not confirmed.
  17. Does anyone know the width measurement of the 71-73 spoiler left to right? Is it different then the 69-70?
  18. All said and done how many new Pony's you think you will be adding to stock HP?
  19. Thanks Jeff. I saw this type too, it is filled with foam, and I know foam breaks down over time and faster when it gets hot. I am looking to see if anyone may have purchased a new spoiler in the last year or two and if they had any input.
  20. When the sun is out my rear spoiler gets hot and droops so much that the ends touch the trunk lid. I have to assume the spoiler is one of the less expensive ABS type. I would like to replace it but I am a little confused what to get. I read in the forum, originally they were fiberglass so I thought fiberglass would be the way to go. Then I read an add on ebay the original spoilers were not fiberglass, here is the ebay link, read the description: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mustang-Rear-Deck-Wing-Spoiler-1971-1973-Ford-Licensed-Product-/292763874335?vxp=mtr&hash=item442a16341f Is the description accurate? I know its a sales pitch but is it right that they were not made out of fiberglass? The second thought is to go fiberglass, here is an example: http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/Mustang/Body/Spoilers/Rear/Rear-Wing-Spoiler-Fiberglass-1971-1973-Mustang-Cougar.axd From my laptop they both look like good options. Has anyone purchased either one of these or is there an option I am not seeing? I only want to replace my current spoiler once, so I want to buy a very high quality and closest to original. If anyone has input please let me know what you all think. Thanks
  21. Here is the fastener I just pulled out of the bumper. No need to pull the other 4 after I get the Liscense bracket installed, they were installed quite securely. Dimension was 3/8" + wide and about 7/8" tall. (The line at the 4 is actually the 3/4" and 7/8" on the ruler) Thanks again for the advice.
  22. I figured as much, thanks for the drawing too. I am impressed how tight the bumper is on the car with the plastic push in's. Ill get one out and send a pic. Thanks again.
  23. So the state says I have to mount a front licences plate on my car. I have a new mount bracket and was looking to bolt it on but I cant figure out what is holding my bumper on now. The pictures below show the bumper on the car looking up. As you can see the bumper mounting hardware are plastic and are holding the bumper on quite tight. I tried to pull one off but it isnt budging and I dont want to break it. Anyone know what these are and how to take them off. What hardware should I have, hex bolts, philip bolts? Thanks for any advice.
  24. Thanks Hemi and mustang, i appreciate the detective work. I just double checked the letters, they are very clear and correct. I ordered the standard coils with the one inch lower.
  25. Here are the build sheet numbers, found the sheet under the front passenger sound deading in a pool of coolant. I cant be sure this is what is in the car but its a good start. The car was restored 1995 and it seems the coils are a 2" drop. Maybe the only thing left from stock is the rear spring, the KYB shocks look new. Can anyone decipher this? I was hoping the front stabilizer was going to be the magic bullet but with what Luxstang is saying, but its not, my front is 3/4". Red, the car has all of those, Auto, C-6, P/S, & A/C. Most likely im going to go with the non-improved handling and one inch drop front coils from Eaton. Worst case is I replace the leafs some day. So just to be clear, there is no book, table, schedule or tree that breaks down the build sheets completey and all in one place? I looked for hours last night on the internet and could not find anything. I bet it would be a best seller. upload foto share link
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