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  1. I had all of my panels restored. There is a place near Detroit Metro Airport that did them for under $150 each. The name is Vacuum Orna-Metal Co. They are on Harrison Street in Romulus.
  2. Thanks for the info. Working on it last night I found part of the problem was the weatherstrip was installed wrong. I will widen that out tonight. Any idea what the bolt at the top of the quarter window does? I assume it is for the front header height. The previous owner moved every adjustment he could find.
  3. Does anyone know where the adjustments are located on a 1973 convertible? It's different than the drawings here. I need to move the top back and to the left a wee bit
  4. Any update on the keychain? I never received it.
  5. Hi everyone. I am just south of Detroit by about 10 miles. I worked at the Dearborn plant (still am) but didn't start there until 76. I have a 73 convertible in continuous restoration. I have enjoyed reading the posts on here and thought it was time to join. Mike
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