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  1. Anyone selling a nice interior passenger side pillar trim running up the side of the windshield? I need one for my 72 coupe. If so, please email me. Thanks Jim
  2. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Sportsroof-/282223504628?nav=SEARCH
  3. UGH! I miss that green stang. I'm selling this Mach 1 now: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Sportsroof-/282223504628?nav=SEARCH
  4. Hi David, etc al, Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. David....I was wrong. The we'll liner is white. See attach pics. Also, for those that ask for pics of original engine marrkings, I have sent. Thanks Jim
  5. 73 vert...Q code, manual trans, 5900 original miles. Come Monday, it should have a new owner.:-/
  6. Hi All, Just to keep you posted, i ended up selling my beautiful mustang last night. I think the buyer got a pretty amazing deal, but sounds like she's going to a good home so it's all good in my book. For those that I owe pictures to for your restoration projects, I haven't forgotten about you. Just traveling a bit, but I will send as soon as I can. Best, Jim
  7. Thanks David! Appreciate your expertise and support. (BTW, you never told me how addicting this Forum is....tons of amazing info.) Rodney- I'm off tomorrow, so I'll go out and snap a bunch of engine pictures for you to show stickers and such. Send me your email address. Ray- thanks as well. Agree w the weight of the letter. I'm so thankful Dan could recall all that detail. Even today, he loves that car and still helps me. He had his 90's mustang painted exactly like the 73. Btw...where can I find susp info? If I tell Dan that he's wrong, he'll freak. Actually, he's never been wrong before, so I'd like to research what you are saying about the close vs wide before I approach him. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  8. Ugh, I hope not to offend anyone with this statement, but I don't like the new GT500. My love for Mustang stops at 1973. And typo correction above.... the luggage rack info/tips/pan is on on Page 1 of the letter.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions! I think The Henry Ford idea is fantastic and have contacted them today. You got me thinking that maybe some Ford dealer would like to have it as a display. There is a LandRover dealer locally that has a classic in the showroom and I think that gets more attention than the new vehicles. Regarding the luggage rack, exhaust tips, etc....it's all in the letter I posted from the original owner (page 2).
  10. I suppose that since Ford announced that the 73 was to be the "last" year of convertibles, that many people had the same idea....buy 73's and just hold them like stock to later mature. However, as you mention, why take these original cars and modify is beyond me. As far as oil, I have the oil changed once a year. Since the car only sees about 100 miles per yer, the oil is as clean coming out as it is going in. I actually have a local classic car dealership do the work so it's always professionally done and he can monitor any failing rubber. So far, no real issues. The brake lines were of little concern, but that was addressed and all good now. I agree about the car being in a museum. I'd prefer for her to go to a purest. I've had someone call me and mention that he might buy to daily drive to have the coolest "new car" in the neighborhood. Although I'm not going to stop anyone from doing what they want, I'd really like to see her go to someone that appreciates the low mileage and originality instead of making her a daily driver just bc she is essentially a new car.
  11. That's when she was in Canada for 4 years. That guy had a never ending warehouse of cars. In 4 yrs only put on something like 17 miles on her. He is great. Told me to listen to the sound of her doors closing, sounds like a meat locker closing. You can never get that sound again with restored cars. It's so true. Every time I close those doors getting in or out, there is something so sweet about that sound. I have had others contact me for the same purpose...for rebuild correct to spec. Thanks for the info. I think you all are convincing me that I have her priced right. Much appreciated!! Jim
  12. Well liner is black too. When I get a chance, I'll snap some pics so you can see the grain of the material. Thanks!
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