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  1. Yes, I do speak German fluently...but nobody around so it's a little rusty.

    Ja, ich spreche fliesend Deutsch...aber niemand um mich rum so es ist ein bisschen rostig.

    1. Mary Blue

      Mary Blue

      Hey, so this is what is about my English... I work at the Munich airport, but when I have to speak english, it is always the same.... And often not to speak with english people.... Most of the time with Turkish, Italian, Russian and so on 🙈😅

  2. Dang It! I was wondering what happened to you...
  3. Welcome from Omaha!
  4. If you have a standard H4 connector with a separate single prong plug, said single plug is for a parking light that is built into the headlight! My car had that as well since it was driven overseas.
  5. Thanks Don, but no thanks! I have one of those I bought back in the 90's LOL.

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