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  1. Mine was glued in as well. Who sells the trunk seals with the holes?
  2. Bah HUMBUG, I sent mine in to the Rocketman, Bob
  3. Galucha, my car has the same built date as yours 11/20/70 LOL
  4. Hi All, Anybody have a picture of the underside of the chrome "Hockey Sticks" that go around the well of the top? Or I need to know what kind of foam gasket or sealer material there was originally. I remember vaguely that there was some kind of foam piece that sealed the stud to the body and mine were just deteriorated 30 years ago. Thanks for any pointers!
  5. They are the same but Cougar has an ash tray on both sides!
  6. Bob's a very busy guy, probably won't answer his phone, so better to send an email or just buy the relay kit, you won't be disappointed!
  7. I found a pair of very nice black back panels from a '71 Cougar, just a little faded LOL! Ash tray on both sides...
  8. Welcome from Omaha!
  9. My sincerest condolences to you and your family, so sorry for your loss!
  10. I bought a relay kit from "The Rocket Man" Bob, works like a charm!
  11. I use Brad Penn "Penn Grade" SAE 10W-40 Partial Synthetic High Performance Oil "The Green Oil" contains high levels of Zinc and Phosphorous! Recommended by my engine builder!
  12. Sorry for butting in...Can someone shine some light on these Ford NOS wiring harnesses? Are these for our years? Thanks in advance guys and gals!
  13. Welcome from Omaha!
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