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  1. 71 302 gross horsepower rating is 210 not 145 :whistling:
  2. You did a very nice job on your windshield. I just installed the windshield in my Convertible and used all 3M products including the primer you show. I was lucky enough to find a Carlite windshield "Made in Mexico".
  3. Don't mean to hijack this but I used to have a drain plug in my C4 pan but over time started to leak. Now I installed a deeper pan without a drain plug and no leaks. It's no fun changing the fluid and you will get it all over. So next time she's due for a fluid change I will pay a shop to do it!
  4. Hi Guys, looking to buy a clip that holds the kick down rod on onto my C4 transmission, and YES the clip down by the transmission. I could probably use a regular "C" clip but trying this approach first! Thanks a bunch and Stay Safe!!
  5. Reproduction rocker panel moldings are quite nice but wheel arch moldings are a joke, way too thin and flimsy!
  6. Oh it is real here is the Marti report and it plainly lists T-5 package. The owner was an US Army sergeant stationed in Germany. The military would ship your car home for $1.00 so he brought it back with him. It is pouring rain I have posted in the past the door sticker which also states "For Export Only" and DSO of 90 if I remember correct. It is in the T-5 register. The owner was racing a camaro and went off road and hit a pole on the left front corner. Due to the costs it has never been worth the work to fix it. Rare does not always mean valuable. See Marti attached. Nothing attached there Dave!
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