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  1. I've used 3M black seam sealer throughout my car rather than silicone.
  2. 30 years ago I cut my original tank open all the way around, removed all rust and dents. Then used an oil and gas resistant coating to cover the inside but left an inch of room on both halves for welding it back together. After smoothing the welds I used the remaining coating and poured it in the tank and worked it around the seam. Hell of a job but no reproduction tanks or originals available at that time! You're better off buying a new tank, they are pretty decent.
  3. kcmash, I've had the same issue with my windshield wiper motor and got it resolved by adding a ground wire to the motor housing. Just a thought! I've added the wire and you've got to look really hard to even notice it!
  4. Is it my eyes or is your wheel/steering column tilted to the right? Or is the reason being you guys' driving on the wrong side of the road? LOL! Time to get those eye’s tested...LOL You NEED to get YOUR punctuation tested!!! It's eyes not eye's!
  5. SSSHHH...You're giving away all your secret James Bond mods you made!!
  6. Hi Please see pic The wheel is 5x ply with thru studs and the full aluminium spun boss over the column - top of the line known as a Volante. They typically cost around $300 of your Franklin, Grant and Jacksons. ::thumb:: A tiny price to pay for luxury. The way to benefit the horn is have the center button actuate a 12 volt relay under the hood. This way the relay carries the current, not the center hub switch....simples. If you get a fake cheap wheel made out of a shoddy laminate over plastic..., your car will start itself up in the middle of the night and run away. ::devil:: Is it my eyes or is your wheel/steering column tilted to the right? Or is the reason being you guys' driving on the wrong side of the road? LOL!
  7. There was also a lot of surface rust under/between the old panels, that was major reason for me wanting to replace full panels completely! Glad I did! Additionally, the "B" pillar/door jamb on the driver side had to be replaced due to previous hack jobs/repairs by PO. Don @ OMS hooked me up with an almost rust free "B" pillar. Thanks again Don!!
  8. We got about 3 to 4" where I live so don't feel bad.
  9. Yeah, I think this is past its expiration date!
  10. Real nice car you got there!
  11. Wheel well opening and bumper indentation should all be the same, good luck buddy!
  12. Hi Vinnie aka Amsterfoose...My body guy just replaced both quarter panels on my 71 Convertible. Too late I realized the vendor had sent me one 71/72 full panel and 1 full panel what seems to be a 73 which has 2 holes stamped out for the bumper filler piece, both panels are Dynacorn. They fit okay but threw off my quarter to door gaps and perhaps I'd like to mention that the little spear I call it on the quarter panel doesn't line up with the door(s). Years ago there was a NOS pair for sale but 5 grand seemed a little too much!
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