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  1. Has anyone ever attempted to shove in the engine and transmission as one unit? I'm concerned about clearance! Thanks!:chin:
  2. Sure, phone number wouldn't hurt. I had the impression that dealer was called Wanthaugh as well but i could be mistaken. Maybe Hassett took over? I wouldn't think they had any info on Mustangs they sold back in the days, but who knows.
  3. Thanks Pastor Pat. She looks rougher than she appears, needing rear quarter panels and fender aprons installed. Yes, Wanthaugh Ford is based on Long Island, I even had their phone number which I lost. I think they are still in business. If there only was a way to find out about the original owner!
  4. Here is a picture of my 1971 Mustang Convertible.
  5. :thankyouyellow: Merry Christmas to you too! I have contacted Mike at Motor City but he doesn't have the part. He's such a nice guy! I will try my luck with Ohio Mustang, thanks for the info. When I purchased the car near Munich in 1987 it had a German title and registration and German specs meaning the headlights were H4. This title showed 3 previous owners since 1980 when it was imported from Great Britain. About 6 months later I drove the car to Monaco on a 2 week trip through Switzerland, Italy and France round trip and I used about 6 quarts of oil due to leakage and burning oil. But she made it without a problem. Later I found out that the car was built in Dearborn, MI and was shipped to a Ford dealer in Wanthaugh, NY (I hope I spelled that correctly) with DSO 13. I have no traces of owners between the dealership in New York and the time it ended up in Great Britain but I do have the name and address of the 1 owner in Great Britain before it shipped to Germany! In 1997 I decided to move back to the states but left the car in storage until 2012. That year I reunited with my Mustang. A lot of pieces were dry rotted including the tires. It went through a restoration in 1990 and then again she is currently in the process of being restored a second time. What a fun car to drive and not just to look at it. I just love the body style on those cars. I think they are one of the best year Mustang, that's just my taste and opinion. Good Day!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to this fantastic site. I own a 1971 Mustang Convertible that I picked up in 1987 in Germany. No, it is not a T 5. After so many years there were many parts missing that I never heard of. I am looking for the steel plate that bolts to the bottom of the car that attaches to the seat reinforcements and only Convertibles have that. I also need the 6 bolts that hold it in place. If someone has an extra plate please let me know. Thanks so much! "OLD MUSTANGS NEVER DIE, THEY JUST GO FASTER" !!!
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